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If this goes onto a trial that trial will be set for for late july and so ruben fosters of you know immediate few football future rests in the hands of the judge last question mattie and then we can talk football and other times not to be callous about the couches but just speaking about reuben foster is football career he has not been part of the team and let's say the judge says there is a trial will he remain away from the team and not practice with them that that is my understanding calcium and i asked him about this yesterday he said we've been patient will continue to be patient i would suspect if the judge dismisses the case that the domestic violence parts of this case that reuben foster could be on the field on thursday if if this continues going forward i think the forty niners have taken the stand that we want to find out the truth and i think the only way you find out the truth or to get more information is to take this on you know to let it play out a little bit further so we shall see but i would think that if this goes to trial reuben foster will will remain away from the forty niners i don't think i want to be put in a situation where publicly they they're saying okay you know this has going to trial yet but we know the facts you i don't think they wanna do that certainly what they've said leading up to this would would suggest that they won't do that they'll let this play out but if the domestic violence cases are dismissed that i think.

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