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The campaign should eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six raila man prior escano cast away on the other side of the guys you have the italian stallion marketable anyway the updates every twenty minutes with you are putting six this salta public affairs programme it's kind of a new way then leave fan ride here in new york city and one of my favorite days of the year selection sunday two thousand eighteen is upon us and we will have a much better idea to who's got a chance to make a run who's got a difficult pat is playing in a tough bracket who is planning an easy bracket is setting up four four of the best days who will find sports thursday friday saturday sunday of the nc aa tournament and we had both the big as tournament any sec tournament and the big ten a week ago on our backyard so we've seen manner big boys and couple of takeaways from march and all these comfort storm it's number one villanova absolutely positively looks the part of a battletested team that should make series doors in this stance they have nba talent guy like mr bridges they have brunson who is a national player of the year candid dan tv chen's though who could hit the ad said shad there were wellcoached team they smoke butler on friday night they want to thriller on saturday against providence of providence at a wonderful job in a big east on it they win over tamil the creighton they come from behind damp double digits skin xavier team that's going to be a number one seed and they went in overtime on friday night and nato villanova to break so providence who is on a bubble potentially going into thursday's game they've gone on to worry about this securely in the field of sixty eight and that will be the team drought course at a day who's inwho's out school syracuse viable not probably only outside in what about st mary's what about notre dame and how they view the fighting irish with or without bonsey colson couple interesting decisions for this year's committee and this whole quad one quad to quad three i think is gonna maybe throw things all full been won't you may expect from your usual runofthemill selection sunday an i've don't like the idea i said i hate the idea that digging to name every single team right at the start of.

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