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M. news the owner of a fifty six foot skull a boat that sank Sunday now says that three missing crew members are presumed lost that's according to the Cape Cod times who spoke with Louis Martines Martines owns the Leonardo the new Bedford based scholar per that sank in high seas Sunday afternoon twenty four miles off the coast of Martha's vineyard one crew member who made it into a life boat was rescued by air station Cape Cod three men remain missing the Coast Guard continued its search today the names of the missing commercial fishermen have not yet been released a mill redevelopment project in Taunton appears to be on hold after a lawyer representing the developers filed a complaint with the city the letter accuses the city of negligence for failing to disclose certain important information about the site prior to a tax lien auction in twenty seventeen that letter was viewed by the Taunton Gazette the twenty five million dollar redevelopment of the wooden mills complex was supposed to create twenty three hundred jobs while providing housing office space and tax revenue city officials have been trying to get the blighted property redeveloped for years a new Bedford charter school has announced that it will close its doors at the end of the school year trustees at city on a hill new Bedford voted Monday morning to relinquish its charter the school's board president said the charter school has not made certain progress as required by the state and has seen its enrollment decline precipitously in recent years that has resulted in a loss of federal and state revenue and deep cuts to staffing and programming if you're legally growing your own cannabis in the Cape Cod town of born you'll have to find somewhere else other than the town recycling center to dispose of waste materials the town's health board voted last week to seek a policy change that would ban the disposal of marijuana plant residue at the town's waste and recycling drop off center some expressed concern that materials could sprout and create new plants if they made their way into the town's compost pile in sports the patriots had to Houston next week to take on their AFC rivals the Celtics are home from their road trip and will host the kings tonight tomorrow the Bruins are in Montreal where they will face off against the Canadiens now let's take a look.

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