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Welcome. Everybody. The eleven o'clock hour of weekend live with your host Marija to Franco. We are going to continue our discussion on caravan lies two point. Oh, so I'm going to get to your calls momentarily. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine thousand nine hundred thirty one to hear from you. I just wanted to give you a little update on my research regarding what can be done at the border and so. According to politico article from April fourth two thousand fourteen the president can deploy national guard to sue the southern border to support CB p which is of course, customs border protection, and their activities, though, would be limited any arrests, for example, would have to be done by CB P. And as you heard one of our previous, callers and thank you shout at two Rick from New York and confirming that is George W Bush sent six thousand national guard troops to the southern border in two thousand six to support CB P and Obama sent about twelve hundred in twenty ten to again, support CB p with aerial surveillance, surveillance and detection, and of course, the national guard is not quite the same as active duty military, but. National guard all the same. And that is the update on what is possible for one of the possible actions for the president. Now, if you're just chiming in and joining us six one seven two five four ten thirty. I am talking about the caravan of now over five thousand. Intentionally illegal aliens. I mean, very few of them may qualify for asylum. And if they go to the proper port of entry, I don't have a problem with them going to the proper port of entry and filing that claim in and taking the chance with that. But as we know with what happened last time back in the summer that's likely not to happen because they're going to come through the border illegally, and then create this giant catastrophe. And then use their illegal means to try to make us look bad. And a couple of things I want to get to your call six one seven two five four ten thirty point of fact, persecuted people do not fly the flag of their persecutors. Okay. So you see these people marching with the Honduran flag. It is is just absolutely abhorrent. Number one. If they're going to try to claim a Silom besides some of that group is not claiming the Silom in. They're fleeing economic conditions is still obnoxious knock. Access to fly the fly. If you want to come to America, and you wanna come and become part of the fabric of America. You can leave your flight back home. All right. Just so and these marches that happen and people are flagging also to fly foreign flags, you know, my grandparents came from Italy on both sides, and I never once did we put an Italian flag outside our house. We put out the American flag aright my laws kit fled communist, China, you better believe him. Fly the communist China flag and the People's Republic of China. Yeah. They fly an American flag because they are in fact American and that means American flag so layers just like your down for the count on to right there carrying your your flag of your home country. If you love your country so much stay there. All right. Gonna go to boss Donna in Boston right off the top. Hello, Donna, you're on the air. Well, thanks, how're you. Yeah. Good. We could track to lay competed was on this probably living in California when I left. Were approximately six million for the amount of time. I've been now I would probably say California has. I would venture to guess about eleven million illegal aliens, they get driver's licenses. You talk about the flag when Mexico or whatever country, they're from the take over the streets and wave their flags and on on certain days, they take over downtown LA in March on the freeways with their home country flags I just wanna puke that's all I can say what I what I know about. George Soros been qualifying him for over ten years. He has a website where you can go to see the organizations. She donates his money too and move on change dot ORG did the laundry list, and his son is worse than he is. He made his money on the backs of dead Jews. It's a fact there's videos out there. I'm being interviewed. What he did? What is father did to hide him? And he is the most evil man once one one world order, he wants one money open borders. It is no big secret. Banding when you trying to seek asylum or a political. Right. You're supposed to go to the embassy closest to you number one number two. Let me just jump in there. Donna that's not act. That's not correct because you wouldn't necessarily you wouldn't go to your the consulates sits in the country. That's persecuting you so it would be fruitless in refugees and covered. Those are two different things. We go to the American embassy in Guatemala, right? But asylum and refugees are two different things. Let's talk about asylum. Okay. You normally would not do that. Because our yes, it is our American consulate that sits in Guatemala, but before being persecuted by the government, and the government is in contact with the US, even the US consulate may not be safe ground for you. So traditionally that isn't what happens a lot of people do flee. They come through the, you know, the come through to the legitimate port of entry whether it's an airport or a border port of entry, and they claim asylum as soon as they enter at a legitimate port of entry. That's how actual aside, and it's a very very tiny tiny tiny percentage of people that qualify for that. But it does happen. And it is valid very small. When you hear country. Are you not supposed to go to the next country? Correct. The next country. So that's very that's why I mean, it's a tiny tiny tiny portion so say in some people some people that claim asylum. Do come from do have means, you know, so they actually can purchase a take an airline ticket. And they do they make a direct flight. You know from their country again. That's extremely rare. Extremely right. So how is it that these people are marching tree two and three countries to get to a place? And I've watched the film to three days now. Joanie? I just wanna throw up right? Every single camera and every single person that has been interviewed on camera. Not one person said it's too danger. You know back up when you file a restraining order. The magic words are from my life, basically, right? Okay. I've I've dealt with enough restraining orders when you are fleeing a country. When you stick a microphone, you don't say. Well, we want a better job. You know, we wanna live better. No, that's not why you enter another country illegally. I mean, I am so mad. I can't even begin. I'm spitting nail watching these marches Americans should be, but they have see those people haven't been rehearsed. We haven't been tutored yet by the free, lawyers and all the apologised groups. But by the time, they get to the US border, Donna, they will be all take him in into separate rooms and tell them, you know, what to say. Right. Yeah. That'd be parodying the proper lines. And this is why this is. But again, it's that's why I'm calling it out because if people were truly fleeing persecution like you said, and like I've said many times they will go to the first country of safety and they've passed their they're passing through Mexico. They can claim a Silom there. They could also go south, right? They could go to believe acres. Yes. Anyplace Venezuelans going to Columbia, right? Do you ever want? You wouldn't like, you know, the Roubaix excellent place. Everyone a lot of people. Go to vacation. There did anybody stopped ask themselves away aren't the Venezuelan storming the beaches of Aruba, you know, why? Because the country of the Netherlands would not put up with it. The kingdom. Exactly, right. Exactly. Keep putting up on my Facebook page. Why are they not going shows why because they get free crap? That's why Donna. The ObamaCare housing and our vets are suffering. Just they are four people or sufferings. They are American citizens. Yes, I'm dealing. I'm helping some people in Venice California right now with the homeless situation right there. Excellent sorry to cut you off. But I am way past my break. But I wanted to you always a good caller. So we've got some length. Thank you, Donna to stay safe there. But by okay. All right. We're going to be back with.

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