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Because we make home feel more like home. Oh, you have todo. His point call 1 800 got or visit 20 100 got junk dot com. You gave my money report Presented by BAE Alarm Dow Closed down 60 s and P closed up 12 NASDAQ closed up 87 gold is at 1936 Announced oil is at 43 46 a barrel. The KO Phi Money report is brought to you by BAE Alarm because if your securities not the best, you're not secure. Visit bay alarm dot com to get protected Today it's dry and mild tonight with temperatures in the seventies will wake up with a cool feel in the sixties, but it will get hotter tomorrow afternoon. In fact, Is a heat advisory in the inland empire starting Wednesday, lasting through Friday evening. Temperatures will range from 100 to 105 degrees. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now it's 79 in Costa Mesa, 86 Fullerton, 19, Encino and 75. In Englewood. We lead local lie from the cave like 24 Hour news room. I'm Gina grad. I am. I am a 6 40 Conway show and we will have updates all night long with the convention is a thing exciting going on with Republican National Committee, a national convention. Then we will have that for you and that'll be cool and Mark Thompson will be joining us shortly as well. And that's always very exciting. So we got a lot a lot going on. This week. Tons going on. All right. You've heard a.

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