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Ship on that all second unit lineup late in the first beginning the second than again in the second half saying time has been a better role for him because he. Can create shots. He's not going to be incredibly efficient overall. You don't want him taking shots at the hands of C Jane team, but he can do enough to kind of run the offense maybe set up their shooters a little bit and get to amid ranger if there isn't much else available and today at sixteen points and eleven rebounds, four assists, an actually played his thirty two minutes. We did get some time with the other stars and was getting amazing shots. But sometime those are going to go in. I mean, you wanna talk a little bit of this up to maker mislead. The math just didn't work out for the bucks this time. I agree. It wasn't as bad as the Boston game. In terms of just how it looked and the way that the scheme was so obviously being exploited. But you still wonder now it's it's really weird because the three bucks games that I've watched really locked in on in their entirety has been the three games were their defenses look towards Kemble lit them up on opening night. Big surprise picking role point guard, Celtics lit them up. There wasn't really kyri in. Enroll that much. It was more the Horford pick and pop and then the way that the Celtics related just drive in throat to the weak side for threes. So maybe if caught them on the three worst defensive games numbers overall still a there have another really hard test gets worse. We'll see them in person on Thursday night. And I am a little bit disappointed. So far Indiana season. We talked about this on the fifteen sixty but just to turn overs are up at six again tonight and other than just kinda either getting out in transition or bludgeoning guys one on one and going in for a dunk, which obviously he's very effective. But you know, he still doesn't seem to have editors game. He tried to change up his shot. It looks like now he's just bring it up even further in front of him the jumper looks even more awkward now. So I would have thought that he would be powering the surge with another great season. But frankly, I think he played better at the start of last year than he's playing. Now a point that I was going to make and then lost track of during fifteen sixty is that I think. One of the takeaways for me. And this is early. I'm not what into this forever. But I am thinking it will be the case long-term is that this season has been a reminder of why you want another capable ball handler with Janas. There had been this interesting. You have oh, man. If you if you can give the ball us all the time, you could get all these guys you could switch and all these other ideas and in the half court. I think that you need at least one other guy who could do that. And fortunately, those players are available, but they're usually trade offs with them. So whether that is what's or Malcolm Brogdon or some third person that we don't yet know about is an open question, but I've been feeling more confident that that is a priority for the bucks on when you consider that all of the players that fit the description, I just made are pending free agents for them. It's something they have to think about when they're building this team out for the remaining time that they have honest under this current contract. It's funny that they've started this season. So well, and really you'll think of anyone on this team is an elite talent of the Middleton and ya'aseh at this point, you know, the rest of these has cut ac- replaceable. Frankly. And bledsoe. I predicted. He was I'll push back on that a little bit they're replaceable. But they're all Hsien. The big difference too. I mean air Ilyasova and brook Lopez being in the rotation as opposed to some of the absolute direct that they've been putting out there over the last couple of years is a massive massive change important point. That's that's an interesting place to talk about dot AG Vincenzo diva Chen. So it's so funny. How for me everything and this happens with the other players?.

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