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So lately on the computer you have to have the spirit of a wife not the spirit of a girlfriend so she's definitely living that lifestyle so kudos wherever i can't tell you some problems very quickly we will um todd and i went out to lunch with them i saw the cigarette very handsome kenya if you've got it it really nice looking me anyway he just great raved about how much of a wonderful wife that kenya was and he said that you know you would you wouldn't know for the things that people say he's really a real why would you expect in for wife to just totally cater the audience is not going for it he is he's set the hear these party tired manage to grave is why walls simultaneously shaving or frenemies it is time for our shady boo ooh whoa for someone is thrown up monday can everybody from come and this is a very beautiful crowd seed kim croix i received portion but you know what that just shows what type of woman my wife she may not get along which would a certain period of point but she's not going shrimp she's seasonal still do what she does news i know you of god since for candy envy but before we get to those here's what three things i am obsessed with tonight first tonight we'll visited lake bailey for the first time and told cynthia that he didn't like her still being on a dating site but then it candies party we found out will had been sighted dating and other woman take a look despite what my friends or like seeing a trustee would that knowing eu summit stressed you.

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