President Trump, Lakewood, Colorado discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


One roof. You're listening to Colorado's morning news. Check in throughout your busy day for the latest updates on the hour, and thirty minutes past April, mardi with you here at eight thirty on this Tuesday, both President Trump than Joe Biden, going to be an island a showdown, but probably not together that leads our news now. The western side of the state the other on the eastern. Let's stay far enough apart. First, traffic and weather together, every ten minutes on the job Boris a couple of really slow you down a bit moved out of your way. Now northbound I twenty five all lanes open at Lincoln avenue that drive out of Douglas county, heavy and slow from right around castle pines, and that will continue for a while. But once that drains, off should be a pretty decent drive out of Douglas, downing westbound sixth avenue. You've got construction going because Elaine is missing. They've reduced it by late right there at federal aid. You had a crash right there at federal to westbound sixth avenue, backed up back into downtown that crash has been cleared. So a little bit better. Getting across I twenty five out toward Lakewood coming in from Lakewood on eastbound sixth avenue. Still heavy from Wadsworth your drive on the boulder turnpike. Heavy westbound from honored for church ranch pass Brookfield and mccaslin. Drive on southbound I twenty five heaviest at I seventy six and then through downtown and the tech center starting at Santa Fe northbound I twenty five drive is heavy through downtown as well. And I seventy is load up between I twenty five and two. Five in both directions. This report is sponsored by the Denver museum of data and science, the Denver museum of nature and science as its newest exhibition. Our census. Grading your reality enjoys him sensory overload play with patterns sound sets and touch, and discover the show much more to our senses than just the usual five. Visit the dot org. Next update eight forty KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Hey, good Tuesday morning. Mostly sunny, breezy at times today. Northerly winds up to about twenty five miles per hour or so.

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