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Got all this stuff going on up here in Lansing and other news so we'll be covering that but of course here Tony Butler is running the equipment and this is the most boring thing he does since he usually does U. of M. sports so I may get up and run around in the office just to keep him feeling like he's into what you appreciate it get good good for you I may even done give a couple of times I don't know we'll see a boy Michigan state have a great game last night even though the coach at northwestern said Michigan state was it better than us at virtually everything even I think maybe even their appearance at the entrance on to the court in their in their departure anyway of course our executive producer and Thomas is here and worked on setting this whole thing up good morning Dan how about this happy Thursday yeah the kind of came up you Angela yeah this is a good Thursday we appreciate it we appreciate all the help but as I said Angela very very much we'll talk to actually just a little bit and and who was the woman that said goodbye just a moment ago because she Kathy hunter I. T. person who got here what time did you get here Tony well you were here to four thirty Angela they were both here with their insulin moved her desk for you she would have an even better view first hospital for she moved to the world for us to be able to get in here and then she moved her desk now I can turn to the right and see yes indeed Mister Smith comes to Lansing it's a beautiful building to every time I look at it it's kinda like looking at the it's a gem the capitol building in Washington or in the capital for any state it's a it you you I guess when you see the building you think for a moment of all the important things that at least should be happening there I am the governor talked about a lot of those things last night and the things that she wants to do and you know she is having had great experience in Lansing a woman of action and that she said last night basically you know what I'm not here to play games I'm here to get things done and I couldn't get the roads down because you guys wouldn't help me that's kind of the way she looked at it and now we're gonna see what really happened during dinner there too so they may have some thoughts on that speech last night yeah guys way in if you want if there's anything I might have first of all tell the truth Dana did you watch it now okay you know she doesn't hesitate honest in the multi policy now I thought it was interesting that she started right out right at the top two right right ladies and gentlemen yes with the fact that this is not a red carpet event and then she made a joke about sure key is a tire his outfit or whatever because of other criticism she got last year sure wearing this is yeah for wearing a dress and so this year she had a dress and a jacket on and but she she made note of that she didn't let that go I was I was a little surprised but I guess it when I was a joke is every woman in the house stood up and cheered so was more significant than ever and especially at a time like this in Lansing I'm honestly when I saw our representative who I've known before she was a representative and we did business together and I always hugged her when I walked in I said I would normally hug you but I mean Lansing right now and that's a very sensitive subject I mean seriously no jokes aside by the way we had been anyway so it will be it is very serious and I think every woman who was in that chamber in those of us watching all knew what that felt like last year when the governor had all that criticism heaped on her for what she was wearing instead of one day out for men don't get criticized in you know men as sometimes look at exactly the way we think they should look but it never becomes a topic of conversation did you see the not he had on that that was written well my leave he wore Thatcher with that that hi I mean it's just never is part of the common nor should it ever be sold mail I for women yeah so I think you know this is going to help move us pass that I really do you know calling it out it's like saying okay let's move on from there and by the way she did hug Shirky after she likes comments that because our okay I mean it depending on what your relationship is I think and if it's you know it depends on what the relationship is so anyway it was I've been hugging man see I was going with her just a free from the beginning yeah and eight jolly no representative Joe Bellino is here like an hour early but he's a smart man because I think he brought donuts see these follow rival rivalry on Lansing.

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