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The bay area's news station kcbs gray skies for much of the bay area this afternoon indefinitely cooler conditions i'm geoff bell i'm patty rising here's what's happening nfl players will not be allowed to kneel during the national anthem anymore but the forty niners abstain from today's otherwise unanimous vote approving that new policy kcbs reporter doug sovereign says the former niners quarterback sparked this whole controversy remains unemployed was the harsh glare of the nfl spotlight on the forty niners colin kaepernick kneeling during the triggered this change in league policy tapper nick said all along he was protesting inequities in america not the flag or the military was specifically is police brutality there's people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable but president trump and others called capper nick and other kneeling players unpatriotic and now nfl owners say players must stand for the star spangled banner or remain in the locker room richard lap chick head of the university of central florida's institute for diversity and ethics in sport thinks the new rule is a mistake in terms of letting the players speak their mind i talk we were making great progress last year and this is putting two that progress lab chick tells kcbs he expects the players will simply link arms race fists or find some new way to express protests i think they need to have a voice and they're gonna have to find out an alternative way to get that forty niners owner jed york feels the players didn't have enough input in this process he abstained from the vote doug sovereign kcbs south bay judge me announce later this afternoon whether trial will proceed in the case of forty niner linebacker ruben foster foster faces domestic violence charges in connection with an incident involving his former girlfriend however during a hearing last week elissa ns told the court that she had lied to police when she accused foster of beating her up foster has pleaded not guilty in the case kcbs reporter by cogan is following the hearing we will be hearing from him throughout the afternoon saying the.

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