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Follow him. Um, for me. The draft started to here's Why. Trevor Laurence gone. We know that Jacksonville Urban Meyer it it's a done deal. The draft starts in two because if the Jets believe in Donald, then they don't have to go quarterback. They got a new coach, though, and he's come from the defensive side of the football. So who's the best defensive player? If the Jets go defense and that quarterback right or or even if they trade that pick to a quarterback needy team moved down a handful of slots because I don't know that there's a defender. Would take it too. I just don't think Let's start a corner, right? I mean, you have Caleb Farley of Virginia Tech. He opted out. You have Patrick, sir. Tainted Alabama. Really Good players. Second pick in the draft, boy. I don't know. You know, we saw Jeffrey Oh Kuda struggle is the third selection last year. Orders don't typically go quite that high. So you know safety. Is there one? I would take their no linebacker? Probably not in this era. No, you know, pass rusher. There's a lot of players I like. I don't know that there's that one who's clearly head and shoulders above the rest. It's probably one of the weaker defensive tackle classes as well. So you know, I just don't know that there's that one. Guy. At that spot he would be worth taking It number two And then the question becomes, boy. Okay, if it's if it's an offensive player and non quarterback there You know, saying questions exists? I think it's a bit of a strange year, so I think the trade down option is best. And then let's see where they land. Are they still picking? You know 4th 5th 6th, or they're going a little farther down and accumulating feature picks. But, yeah, I'm the defense's side of the ball there a lot of players I really like. I don't know that there's that one guy, though, that I truly love and would feel great about taking in the top five real quick. We've heard a lot about Gregory Russo Miami, he opted out had a great year, but We didn't see him this year is he considered to be the best pass rusher? Turkey started. He's got amazing. Upside right? 15.5 sacks is the red. You're fresher and give me a break. But again, a lot of that was on athleticism. Just pure rock talent. It wasn't his pass rush technique. He's a little refinement. He is not universally beloved. But there's a lot of fascination with what his upside could be. Eric, May. I appreciate you today. Great stuff. Listen, this is gonna be a lot of fun in it. It's gonna be so intriguing. It just It's gonna be so much for the dark time of the year, man. These guys gonna play Hey, man, have a great day. Check him out. Guys comes the NFL draft Yahoo! Sports Eric at home. Appreciate you jumping in. All right, buddy. Thank you. Good stuff. Quick reminder..

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