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And dolphins are five wins. So that's about right? I'll take the under with the Carl's. We'll take the under a special and. I don't care if his Josh Rosen whoever's at a quarterback, I just think that that's going to be a struggle. I love Larry FitzGerald, by the way, I love Larry FitzGerald, because here's a man, they're just comfortable his own scandal. Zona right. You know, every good football fan knows like Larry get outta there. Larry like a movie like a bad b movie on Saturday night. But man, you're on a you're a good player on a bad team can out of their layers. Like, no, I like Arizona, it's warm and I'm comfortable in my house houses here. Yeah. But you can't notes, okay? And that's that's really strange. I tell you one thing of Larry FitzGerald an NBA player. The hell out of there. I know that for sure I saw this. And I get a chance to talk about that this weekend because we got so much March madness and everything going on with Jordan Howard, man, we have been talking about Jordan Howard a lot here. This winter didn't we we speculated and a question Mark about it and Jordan Howard, finally traded to Philadelphia, and I see on Twitter and a couple other places on it on social media from John Howard that he expected to be traded and that just trade to Philadelphia. Apparently, he had some kind of insight before the trade took place that he was going to Philly, and it's like, wow. And so we can end this. Now, the conundrum the question like what could you get for Jordan Howard? Well, you can get a six round pick rejoin Howard. That's the question. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie? Roll pop. How many it takes a six round pick to get to the middle. That's what it was. Because we kept hearing. Jordan the third. Nah, no, not third fourth. Sixth round pick. And I will tell you that that has nothing to do with Jordan Howard being bad not a bad player. He just didn't fit. What Nagy want it? But as I told you when the season ended with the bears, and I'll keep saying this until we get to bourbon and through bourbon a until we get to the first game against the Green Bay Packers. Do not out dumb the room when it comes to the running game because with Mitch Trubisky. If you have any question marks about Mitchell Trubisky, the one thing that you can take solace. In is a good running game to help them out units. We might team an offensive league that you throw vertically down. The field are good running game also helps to be able to balance all that Trubisky is having a hard time. At least you can have someone you could depend on to run the football. Join Howard traded. Okay. Figure it out. I don't know of indie. Former Indiana coach Mike Davis is the answer. And I know that three Cohen is not also not the answer. I'm pretty clear on that dad player. Nice player, but not down in and down out. But if you're looking for someone that could be able to catch the football and really not just be part of a play. But really be a difference maker back there. I hope that you find it. Hope it's the right person. Hope is exactly what you're looking for Davis or through the draft or do Johnson. As we come to find out. Do Johnson says he wants to Cleveland, which is interesting figured out. If you don't think that the Detroit the traditional way of running the football between the tackles some on offense. Like, this is good enough fine. Then find the right guy find someone better than Jordan Howard. And I'm gonna tell you right now that guys on the roster is not. It out. Otherwise, did why'd you trade him. That's the whole question are I don't forget. We've got three pairs of tickets to the UFC championship doubleheader on Saturday June eighth at the United Center. I'm going to give those tickets away this hour, eight o'clock hour nine o'clock hour, if you wanna go stay you're listening to bison how you can win those tickets. Are we going to an endgame game report with Jesse coming up? Also, some thoughts about LeBron James. Oh, he's shutting it down. Oh, what a disaster. You're listening to my Manzano..

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