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I had a conversation listen my friends in chicago because he's a guy that the bulls have been linked to and it's sorta like if he's there at seven do you really i mean do you want to take them because there's a reason he's there and that's probably because the medicals are a little dicey right if he slips the way that people think he might you might in your mind this is a guy who was the you know the top prospect in high school this was a guy who is going to change missouri basketball before he got hurt you know this was he's the number one pick for for years this has been on this track why why is he there at seven and it's because nineteen year olds that have back problems like that's scary that's really scary dan woicke was at the conference finals covers for the la times the nba and the nfl when you were at the conference finals every nba writer that matters in the world is there every mba voice that matters the choline leonard situation it feels like pop miss judged his personality got little tough tougher them and cohen is awful we play playing that game and that's how pop deals with everybody you know as people who have had the good fortune i guess or the bad fortune to ask him questions before and after games you know the tough love from pop can come in a lot of different ways you know he's very direct he doesn't sugarcoat stuff but he does treat people i think what's made him a good manager of personalities over the years is he does kind of treat people to to the way they want to be treated you know it takes a special kind of coach to connect with steven jackson and tim duncan thanks to polar opposite personalities and he's done that i think the quiet leonard like kind of the divorce in san antonio is something people in nba circles of have seen here for a little while i just think that you know it's not the type of town that necessarily people wanna come up and be stars and they they were they were in a unicorn situation right where they had the perfect mix of the perfect players at the perfect time you know tim duncan tony parker guys all took less to stay can tony's later pick and dunkin has the perfect michael thompson personality although he was sure but there is something to be said about they got the perfect mix of a rough rigid tough coach and coach player it was i mean it was a coach who's interested in worldly things and it was a worldly team i it just all made sense and i think i've seen the spurs of the last few years it's that's that's not something that are going to be able to recapture that version of the spurs.

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