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14 of the Danvers stretched downtown. No complaints through the city of the lower decades ache unrefined Rob McElwee WBC's traffic of the three Thank you, Rob. Let's check the four day WBZ accurate. The forecast with Matt bends for today. Plenty of sunshine. But despite that son, still quite cold and windy, at times, high of 21 degrees, real fields today stuck in the single digits and teens tonight still quite cold with clear skies. The winds will begin to lighten up low of eight degrees tomorrow. Not as harsh with those winds sunshine mixed in with some clowns, high 25 degrees. Monday cloudy and breezy some snow developing in the afternoon. High 35 Snow will likely continue into Monday night and Tuesday with the potential for significant snowfall accumulations Eye on Tuesday after 33 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist. Map ends WBZ Boston's NewsRadio in degrees this morning in acting 11 degrees in Milford. 12 in Marshfield. And here in Boston Sunshine 10 above zero factor in the Northwest Wind coming up pretty good, strong 15 MPH. It's making it feel this morning in Boston, like it is eight below zero at 9 25 discovered the best winter ever at Subaru of New England dot com. Hey, Hey, Welcome. It's connoisseurs Corner. This is Jordan and along with me, Matt Robinson of match meals dot com. A terrific foodie website m A. T. T s siphoned meals calm and reports are coming in that there is a new superhero in town called Sangria Lady. She's a local girl and doing something special and fun.

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