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Should know who that is. If you listen to our last episode <music> <music> that dusk meets up with the two of them <hes> then ricochets talking about how he was never a good leader and voice no your eighth. That's my job and again while we see prodigy prodigies back cape. Why no oh cape. That's what makes a caution is no cable and will help iras. They are now. She's gone. She gone <hes> so looks like prodigy knows silence and the and prodigy is explaining erica shanna yeah the blackmore winter me and they it will introduce him though <hes> the new hornet and they there he porter he's the one who put them together with the mob a boss thorn <hes> can we see heater hallucinating killing as his boss cassandra mercury and he's like she's like i know you're the scarlet spider and peter even your real name and she she says i don't know why she's i don't know why you can't corner lilith amber back back your bet anything just curious <hes> well. I'd already gone through about how just the slingers as in <hes> you know the new hornets like oh yeah the black the black marvel gave me the costume and prodigy shows up and says oh yeah i knew who he is. Black mortgage introduced us and stuff so it's like we see now income and so he out of helmet and okay remember looks like he like left hell within the slingers but yeah i mean i guess we didn't know he was like reborn again or however. I mean the afterlife and prison income folks. It's always a revolving door well aw krizan. I get because that's life recidivism. Forget it. It's high yeah when you can take your bed in your your bed sheets and make like a hang glider. You can always escape prison accurate <unk> orly also won't you and then y'all saying ben rallies boss feet figured out the scarlet spider the art so you're no comic book dummy. Maybe that's good too hard. That's when this thing the slinger show up looking for scarlet spider the kidnappers boston they say turn yourself over the police for eating our boss or we're gonna kill your boss in twenty four hours. Okay so hypocrites. Okay so listen anytime. I want you out samples scarface. We earned issue twelve false advertising. They've got the capable. Prodigy bounce cures keeping this story at all. These issues has a podcast. It has caves as cursed nave aide filipov liz representation of case on covers. You know especially freshly without prodigy suit that the kate mix much better or there was the cover artist different <hes>. May you be <hes> confer credit here. The art looks a little bit different. I'm pretty sure that's probably why yeah because they tell them nothing. Exact make seep ben riley sitting around. I beseech cain than we see. Ben riley sitting around moping confirming in his boss back anything at this would have been a big seller down at this. We have like an ongoing what ben rally series or stanton slingers. I don't know if he had the slingers every issue that i mean maybe they could've been spun them off in their own series. Maybe yeah yeah i love. That was the plan for this or i don't know. I don't know if it was again. Just the stylish or maybe they were a showed owed op every now and then. I don't know but it's just i love all the exotic ways they bring people back but like this. No one is still run hornet back. It's it's just like he took clause the chess. There's like not bring him back from that and people vaporized and incumbent <hes> how many times does gene grow the saying. I think she has the title for walls deaths at a in the mercenaries basically alling it ben reilly and kaine teaming up and then i guess the slingers are if the black marbles working out of a theater movie studio last time who z. think he is mysterious mustache now. It's getting serious as lesbian <unk> job must made a new deal or something and he's looking pretty jack for like an eighty year old guy jack while lane lane rex is then we see hornets slap in the hostage around and i am necessary. Passage was pretty mouthy so yeah but then ben finds the slingers cain to but he's invisible visible read a boeing power. I oh my lord prodigy and a ricochet do fastball special the x men's lawyers sir sir yes sir the blackmore will the slingers are fighting both scarlet spiders. There's until of course thus breaks everyone up. She sage in rock and she says you're not the blackmore imposter. You don't have a soul then any cell at the first time of course whenever they fought for it. I thought was the whole point of pin leaving that he got it bad i thought but then i quiz platt twins but but then <hes> hornet lake blast her in the brakes everything up and he's the he reveals his true identity site silas elizabeth burr alias cyber who i'm like. Isn't this like wolverine greenville in like a nineties wolverine villain in like a house like equate who i was like oh i think i remembered this guy. Kinda just like death. Walk was busy. Why everyone else in the x universe was busy. Busy dying probably raising children in future. Will this was twenty seventeen. This was before the fox. I wouldn't this before the fox the also oh yeah hanging on oh wait look on the back of a scarlet spider thirteen gun in ad for x. Men read number one. She should lead pick up and scroll way the hell down where we talked about it the x. i'll say this. I think this might be now think. The return of jean grey was around this time and said final issue issue thirteen quite a mess you. We know it's bad when you're when you're in the eighteen to saying we couldn't quite finish it into other. No nothing really happened one. This list is but six issues. I mean they're probably trade you know they collected this train but that's probably was the plant but <hes> the thus says <hes> blackmore was a solis abomination so then he went out and ran for congress <music> and whenever like more was saying the four slingers of our they've always been fractured of always have been never truly been a team something loophole fire last upsets. You said the they never really acted like a team. Lisa agrees with me predominated agreed with you. Maybe a. b. Solas but i'm not an abomination not yet also project the nice uppercut blackmore. Actually i did lake on the panel construction and how they conveyed it area. I remember like in the art mr these issues. I mean you're right. It started out with bagley and then it went the slimy and i thought you know both were pretty good. You know bagley has our heart which just be honest so be a cyber tries to retreat but everyone's battling him. Oh but the scarlet spiders go off to the black marble. Did you remember the trick as the beat the black marvel since he's like a thing from hell ben and get some in a was big founds outside a hotel and there's a a course leather plot delays as a priest in there so they have the priests blessed the entire fountain and i think that's how this works out any of this works this was it so basically a holy holy water thus a black more will just like a vampire on buffy called and slingers say cyber. I regard away and thus glad to be -cluded in our own series of day. Check out that in twenty thirty twenty forty four twenty ninety nine crabs then dusk it basically and ends with the same skirts in your whip to talk about the whistled and talk about mysterious cage crowded on eight holders so yeah so was that was at a random confusing mess for you got <unk> about back here to give a crap about yes. Grennell twenty-five issues bend rallied scarlet spider. Yeah could've hello there you but like i was saying my big thing about this. Whole series was just pay plain. Ben is like a weird <hes>. It was unhinged in need an excuse to be good with recalled katelyn hinge. It's kind of a given in life but they see kinda made it seem like metaphysical because like you know the whole thing with death and everything i think she even said he's like if you die one more time. Let's like i guess his was dying a little bit too or something every time he died so it's like yeah. You're gonna go before we will. If you die again which i think he didn't like the last issue or something but then aca more now i think it was like during seem like oh mystical and stuff but then like during us spider get unlike superior spiderman fixes him. He's like oh yeah. I'm all better now but that guarantee you. It'll come back well. He won't pen rally isn't showed up since so wait. I think between the magical fix and <hes> time i think they're just the then when people forget that ben rally was messed up hufeir approach okay yet dump a guy for wells and forget about al qaeda. Oh the art and bring that up. That is the art book. I don't know it was just weird characterizations. Everybody has this weird twist. It was me it's like a bad antibody. Sorry i mean i'll probably a little higher. I'll give it a beam minus. Maybe just because i read the whole series of slow. Some stuff was a little more context for me but yet i mean i get. I get what you what you're feeling like like. I said like bowl thing with the ongoing thing with ben being in a little crazy and then <hes> mike shoehorn kane in this to the ells little weird but just like the slingers. I'm like i mean they were either brittany character but i was like there's something off about them too and i know worn it wasn't even the either so it was kinda like from from what little they had to go on the kind of true i mean i mean you'll have like what twelve issues the basam off of two but and i guess i mean enough time hi. I'm pat. How much time do you think past the moral universe. I'm like oh. I guess they're ordering them ears. It's marble time moves super slow in marble. It must be present time. It really takes ten years to catch up to the decade that were in demi. Franklin richards frank. Are you glade oh yeah. That's the big theory is like spiderman. Spiderman never gets the thirty years old because like spiderman is franklin richards favourite hero so he doesn't so spiderman will.

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