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And if we felt like there were any major surprises there or questions, we have things. I mean, the Golden Globes is there each let me start that. Again. I'll informed breslin station is famous for especially in television trying to plant their flag on something new. And so you always get something kind of like fun and under the radar in the TV categories. I think people would agree that one of the things this year is the Kaminsky method, which was a Netflix serious, Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, which is very much like Golden Globe. Catnip? And it's something that we, you know, predict it definitely in our Vanity Fair predictions considering the caliber of the actors in it, and then it's about show business. But. Still just a show that I don't know a lot of people watch on Netflix, and then Ditto, you know, you were talking about this a little bit off air, Katie the bodyguard, which was the number one most watched show in the UK this year, Richard Madden's, sort of spy tents, political spy drama, Richard gave our Richard gave it a lovely review on on the dot com. But you know, I it straight streaming on Netflix. And maybe this is just an F problem of like too, much content. But once again like I think that show flew under the radar for some people. So that's something that the Golden Globes often dozen television is just sort of shine in the movie realm. I think a lot of us go like what why? And in the TD Ron was especially in the area of so much. She I think it's sort of like, oh interesting. Like, this is going to get this Mozart in the jungle or whatever it is going to get a little boost from the attention from the Golden Globes. Yeah, I'll say that I was typing up the nominees as they came in and our movie predictions were far more accurate than our TV predictions. Which I think happens every year. It's just really..

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