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Jio said some say some say good morning to you i'm kim mcallister in four brett burkheart on this new year's day there are major protest going on in iran iranian state television does security forces have repelled armed protestors who tried to take over police stations and military bases reports of twelve people dead ap correspondent john gambro reports is not exactly clear with the protesters are after a protester theme to be focusing on economic issue meryl a lot tnt in a lot of yet recruiter at pink the tokyo more on asking government officials to step down or for a wholesale change of iran's clerical you recover here in california it's the first day of legal pot sales at the harbourside marijuana disc spencer in oakland and nine the other of license recreational pot sellers in the state at least one hundred people lined up before dawn to be among the first customers to buy recreational marijuana legally andrew de angelo marijuana activist who runs the harbourside dispensary says it's pretty sad the people were arrested for using pot over the years thank you about millions of law millions and millions of years of human life that was poised fears help us is not the typical call this morning for a firefighter near sacramento he tried to save a man from a house fire and the victim allegedly tried to stab him in return according to the sacramento bee firefighters found the man in the hallway of a home in citrus heights and the man tried to attack a firefighter with a knife it was finally subdued and then hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation and will likely now face charges firefighters okay cause of the fire was under investigation and the first bay area baby of 2018 appears to be a little boy born it see us afs mission bay at twelve o two am both of his parents are doctors one a psychiatrist the other cardiologists samantha powell and martin domingos new their due date was december 31st so they talked about the possibility of their first child being a new year's baby and they were right big travel day today despite the holiday aaa spokeswoman camera johnson says although they expect most travellers to head for home tomorrow there's a big advantage to hitting the road today why don't that are trying to avoid traffic would be a good idea to try to actually travel on the day if a holiday for january white the news brought to you by they alarm with bail arm you're protected 247 by the local security experts go to bail alarmed dot com to schedule your free security review today they alarm.

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