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They went three one. Yeah i've i've heard guys you know you need the good goaltending right. You have to have a good goaltending of course to win the stanley cup. You don't always have to have it in the first round. You know you can get away with some shit but you can't y when you're up three one stevie was talking to rusty When you're up three one in a series okay. The goal tender's job is done okay. He's done he's done. He's done his deal okay. He's done what you give me the three one. Don't you worry okay. We can't miss right. I mean it's not the first time a teams lost in avesta seven being up three one. But no that's what russ was talking about If you're up three fuck. I mean how can it be right. How bad can it be so he started tonight. They could use them again. One more time. I mean i know what you're saying. The goaltender has done a very good job to get you through the first four games of three one lead. But that doesn't mean. I don't think that you can call it a series either and then tonight to just to give up a goal. The timing of that was just awful. Meanwhile carry price was outstanding. Though the referees didn't want him to be. I guess ready or something. You know the start of a hockey game. The referee brings everybody to center is opening face off of the whole thing and he'll point at one goalie. You ready down there buddy right and then you pointed the other goalie h. E. you ready. Okay let's go and they drop the puck with forgot to do that and carry. Price has got his back to the whole play. The play the game had begun. He's got his gloves on the top of the next and he's looking all of a sudden he whips around like what the game started. And he's got a turnaround. Get his gear on and they're really lucky that That didn't come back to haunt to make it easily ice. The puck and scored right. I would have been. That'd be funny very funny. Very weird very weird for sure. So i carry. Price was excellent again. And i think he's men and a lot of people complain about his big insane long term contract. But that's a guy that if i had to play the olympics right now and i'm gretzky running team canada whoever's running at night forget exactly who's Who's the gm of the club these galardo. I love galardo anyway. I actually think it's armstrong from saint. Louis come not mistake anyway. If i'm that. Gm i'm making carry price team canada's goalie again. Despite his advancing years he was. He was that good in this series. So what's your deal now. Stevie on on montreal going forward here are they. Are they know a saint louis are. They contend to here where where they sneak into the playoffs. They're the lowest ranked team. They were the the least favored to you in the first round for sure right for sure right it was it was wildly lopsided or supposed looking like it was going to be absolutely not to answer your question. Have no chance. Winnipeg jets are extremely well rested and now healed up as well. They've been sitting back with their feet up in the autumn and watching these guys kick the crap out of each other. Remember the jets won in a sweep as you may remember jason anyway montreal. I think they You know i say one point tonight was an shirati. Looked like he was injured in the game and he's been one of their best defenseman montreal's exhausted probably banged up and they're going to be full letdown mode after winning a series like this when there are such underdogs a sort of their many stanley cup and then all of a sudden in a without very much time off. They're going to be asked to get right into the bee's nest of a new series and the jets are sitting there laying in wait. So what do you think. Lee fans are saying. Then steve what what what. What's going on tonight in toronto. What's going on on twitter. Well i can tell you exactly because a buddy of mine is a lee fan. He was like he just he just basically said three words to me it's just demoralizing and he's like i don't know what i don't even know what the logical management response is to that you know i mean maybe martyrs and matthews figure it out some day and run off a couple of cops but right now it's certainly not feeling like it and that's probably a good snapshot of what the average daily fantasy taking the window to me. Let's take a time out of the program when we come back. We're going to give you an update on naomi osaka at the french open. She's actually gone now from the french open. She's walked away from it. She's withdrawn after her media ban that She put out there Going into the events. We'll talk about that and You know ryan reaves. Just of the vegas golden knights. Just another tom wilson scenario He got two game suspension for what he did in game one Between vegas and colorado. So we'll talk about that coming up after these words. Did you know that jim. 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Anyway that's happened during the seven. One loss in game one of the second round series on sunday and i think the guys actually lucky that he got away with a two gamer like basically ryan reaves is a skirmish in front of the colorado net and puts the full weight of his knee on ryan greaves. Head no no raise grave stuck. He's saying greaves. Wanna say the ryan regan identify at names. Get noisy yeah exactly exactly. And it was ugly and he went to a twice. He had his knees straight on the guys Head neck and then went off for a minute and then the skirmish continued and then fights broke out elsewhere and he took that to mean. I better get my knee. Backup on graves head again and graves his injured. I think he left the game. And just what is this like. It's not the usc buddy. What are you doing and you just. It's another repeat offender. We've talked about it with Nazem kadri we've talked about with tom. Wilson why these guys are continually allowed to do what they do committing. Their mayhem is to me well. You don't they gotta do steve. I'm we've talked about it right. There's a everywhere from and there's some merit to it where And though it's never happened. One of the one of the really good arguments one of the really interesting sides to this thing is they gotta miss at least as much as the guy they injured. Okay right that's that's that's been floated out there for a long time That that's if if if they're not going to do that. In lieu of that. Then steve if they were saying well. We can't do that right. Which which you know some people go. Why not you know if i had the answer if you want okay but but if you want to stop a guy from not only.

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