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It's another episode of Tech Talk Radio I'm Mandy. Taylor. I'm Sean Too Weird and I'm Justin Lemme back looks like Broadway. Today. said he was going to be here. Oh, Broadway's too busy screaming. Have you, chicken. I actually have he was streaming his chicken coop for awhile and then he was streaming like watching another twitch streamer, and then he was just kind of like comment over the Stream. So I mean, he's he's extremely active I mean he's really putting in the work into channels the I get the notifications on his twitter feed that he's doing it. He's using re stream. So he's streaming to like all the platforms I'm following on. So when he goes live I, get like five notifications on. Yeah. I get it. John's live. Now. He straight is did he get Microsoft Flight Simulator Twenty twenty? Did he do that 'cause? I'd always been doing he's been doing the little inflatable people which which is. Fog is everybody loves that game? Yes yes. Everybody loves fog is that it really honestly just took the gaming community by storm. It came out what Sean like two weeks ago. It's probably by the time the show airs three maybe just under a month old. Yeah. Okay. And and when it came out, it people like literally overloaded the servers the first day. Had A shut the game down. Yeah, I played at the day launched. It was okay for it was okay for a while but then it was noticeably laggy and then you weren't able to connect and then kept getting kicked out after one round or when you're getting your experience points and then it was just it was just a mess for a couple of days after that for those. Guys it's a, it's a new game out on a PC and it's out on playstation for that's the only two platforms. You can't get it on switch you can't get it on Xbox. It's a battle royal, which is that what what you know everything is now call of duty and all that other stuff fortnight they're all battle royale. Everybody, versus everybody but the way this works there's no guns there's no violence. It's just a bunch of funny little. Inflatable looking characters and you basically have to race to the end of a map and I. I don't know forty out of sixty people. Go go onto the next round and then each round more and more people get eliminated until the last round I think there's five rounds total the last round there's one winner and that's it. I mean this is a fun little party game. It's kind of like Mario Party in a way it's a mix between. Mario Party and the ultimate wipeout show that was on TV. Yes. You have to do these courses you have to jump over these. Devices that are spinning trying to knock you off the map and people are the characters can grab each other and there's this one map that's called rollout where it's these different sections of the map is basically one big cylinder. You're standing on the edge of the cylinder and it starts to roll and there's different sections you have to jump over walls knocked into gaps you have to stop. It's really fun. It's a simple battle royal game. That is has of really great replay ability and it's very family friendly like I said, there's no guns there's no violence there's no blood and Gore it's just a fun party game. It's like you said it's like Mario Party now, how does how does somebody get somebody listening right now and they they play on maybe they don't have a console. that. This game is mobile on a mobile device no. No. So currently, it's only available on steam or ps four and steam is something you can download for the PC platform and can you Esteem available for Mac. Yes it is. Okay. Cool. But there's there's a limited selection of games on the MAC I don't know if all guys is available on steam for Mac. But it might be i. don't know what the price is. Sean do you know what the prices? One thousand nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty some bad. It's not bad. Yeah and it's like it's like Sean said it's got a lot of repeal replay ability. And they introduce seasons so they'll definitely be. New Seasons, there will be maps levels there will be new maps, things like that, and what I like about this is also there are a couple of team games in there. So if you're skewed by yourself. You could do a free for all game. There's one called slime climb where you have to run up the hill covered in slime. Nazia. But then there's games like hoarders right thirty, five balls that drop into the map and you have to try and get those five balls years your team's side of the map. Right. So there's not not not just single. Not just solo play. You also have to work as a team for some of these shirts. You can have people that don't know how to play the game and you're just starting out. In your teams yeah. It's people are getting stuck teams that are either they don't know how to play the game they're throwing the game or they're just working against you. So, there's a lot of. Develop. There's a lot of developmental feedback. If you go to their twitter page, there's a lot of the developmental feedback that is. Positive but also a lot of negative feedback. This will help them to make the game even better than absolute which. That's pretty cool because like I said it looks so basic and I've I've I've seen Broadway playing it, and I didn't really understand what was going on. It's just a lot of running around and is it is running running and jumping. Yup. Basically kind of the the key to to a good game. I don't know well, I know that you guys and I still haven't gotten it yet and I'm Kinda. bummed. Have Been Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator Twenty twenty I know over the last year weeks you know for a listeners that don't do games we've talked a lot about it, but it is a groundbreaking game technology. Wise. Everything that I've been reading since it's been released since people have been playing it they're just blown away by how great the graphics are. Really.

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