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Intuitive eating as much bigger than mindful eating and intuitive eating is just the opportunity to listen to your body cues. And also. Take this approach to health. Incorporating your mind, your body your soul, all the different things, and it's not just about the actual physical food, because as you guys know. There's so much more that goes into eating than just the food you eat because of emotions unique because you're in a situation that requires you to eat for all these different reasons, there could be trauma related to why you eat or you only certain food at this time or I. don't eat that food because somebody told me not to. There's so many reasons that go into why you eat the way you eat so intuitive. Eating just starts breaking all those things down, and it's up approach to food. That's very neutral, so you get to approach food. Where also does good? No food is good or bad. Food is just food, and then you get to decide what you want to eat and you get to eat whatever you want. But you also can take into consideration. How you want to feel so, that's sometimes the misconception with intuitive eating. They see pizza and ice cream like eat whatever you want. Yes, I eat pizza and ice cream, but I very much take into consideration. How these foods are going to make me feel and eat accordingly, so I might have a piece of pizza and a side salad because that's GonNa make me feel better instead of back. When I was dieting, I would only eat salads, and and really clean foods or what? I thought at the time, and then when I did eat pizza I'd eat five pieces because it was the day that my cheat day like I was off my diet so. So you get to a place an intuitive eating where you just you know what you want, and you know what you need, and you know how to take care of yourself in, so you can marry the two and there's a lot a lot of body image work that goes into intuitive eating wire eating. The way you're eating is because of the way you feel about your body, and unfortunately we live in a society that praises thin bodies and. Talks about house in bodies are the most healthy bodies which is not true. And that is why so many women are doing these diets that make them want to strength their body size, but it's actually intuitive. Eating helps you find your natural set with. You are born with a set point. Wait just like you're born with a shoe size, an eye, color and hair color. Your body naturally wants to be a certain size and. Intuitive eating allows you to find that set point, but you have to do some body image work, because sometimes that set point weight is going to be higher than you are original ideal because of what society has told you is beautiful, so that's why there's a ton of body image work that goes into it and. There's the emotional eating aspect and really getting in touch with taking care of your emotions and learning how to deal with them. In all sorts of different ways, food can be a coping mechanism, but it shouldn't be your only coping mechanism, so it's finding other ways to cope with your emotions and other ways to take care of yourself, and we work on you know hunger and fullness after many years of suppressing. Your hunger and trying to believe that you weren't hungry. Or then when you're off the Diet eating past full, we get back to figuring out what your body actually wants needs in realizing. Okay if I eat this much, then I feel just right if I eat this much than it's just too much, and then I feel lazy and lethargic and need to go take a nap, so you get back in touch with us, hunger fullness cues, and then towards the end, which I was a little bit about earlier as you really then figure out what foods work for you. because. Everybody's different in all. Everybody has certain foods. That were great for their body. In certain foods that just don't sit well, and so you kind of start to figure that out slowly, but surely and then you get to make a conscious decision on what you want to eat and sometimes at scoring to include the ice cream, even though it doesn't make you feel the best, but it's a conscious decision that today. My taste buds are what needs the most attention right now and this community feeling of having ice cream with some friends and family is what is. Is more important in this moment, and so from there you you get to decide to make that more conscious choice, but is just really about getting back in touch with what you need and what your body needs. What your mental and emotional self means instead of listening to what other people tell you is going to work for you even though it might have worked for them, but you don't have the same body in the same needs as them. That's intuitive eating in a nutshell. But it's very multifaceted in nuanced. Can you practice intuitive eating? Would you have specific health concerns such as? Pre Diabetic. Definitely. It's something that you might have to do differently, but a lot of intuitive eating is about the mindset that you have when you sit down to go eat. The mindset win, say diabetic, and you have certain foods that the doctor has recommended that you should or shouldn't eat the mindset when you sit down to eat is not I can't eat this. I can't eat that Oh. What a shame that I don't get to eat this. The mindset is I'm sitting down to have a beautiful meal. That's really going to nourish my body right now in this is the best thing that I can do to take care of myself in this moment, even though sometimes I want to eat that food. I know that that is not going to serve me in this moment. Maybe one day I'll be able to eat that food again, but right now I'm working on healing myself, so it's really about changing the mind to a positive one and. Focusing on your vocabulary, because the more can't and shouldn't and those kind of negative words that you have when you are trying to heal yourself from something or trying to work with a chronic condition. The harder it is to live with and to be okay with intuitive eating. You know we don't want to have any restrictions, but something's not a restriction if you are choosing to eat that food for the sake of taking care of yourself. So. That's kind of the biggest thing with intuitive eating that sometimes people don't realize is. It is about taking care of yourself is about your health, but you have to get in the right mental space. To do that. What kind of women with infertility would benefit from intuitive eating at? How will it help them? Yeah good question, so honestly. I believe that every woman could benefit from intuitive eating. Especially women that are going through infertility because like. I said with your previous question. It is about the mindset so when your doctor says. These are list of foods that really help with infertility. You WanNa go in with a mindset that you're doing this to help yourself to achieve your dreams of. Having a child one day I'll give you a example from one of my clients that was struggling with P. C. O. S. and she came to me after doing the P. C. O. S. Diet for many months.

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