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All of a sudden, they're finding votes out of nowhere. Bricks gut who won by you know, it was close, but he won by a comfortable margin. Every couple of hours it goes down a little bit prior to departing for Paris today, the president incorrectly. Weighing in on the Florida Senate race, he continued his attacks throughout his transatlantic flight. He was busy must not like the movie unleashing a flurry of unsubstantiated allegations about so-called electoral corruption. Meantime, the midterm vote count continues. And while he has had time off for good behavior and to take on or Schmidt. Our national political correspondent, Steve Kornacki is still at the big board with the mid term that will not end and the very latest numbers as Dave. Hey, brian. Yeah. That's right. I mean, we still got votes coming in. You know in the reason air Zona we can start a couple of different states to talk about. Let's start in Arizona though on that Senate race right there. Look the reason the votes are still coming in his air Zona is. A very heavy mail in ballots state. So they've just collected. And they've had all these votes that were sent in in the run-up to the election. They are just slowly processing then there's this whole procedure with they get the ballot. They have to try to verify the identity of the person who sent it. So it takes time. This does happen normally in Arizona elections. But what has happened is that Kirstin cinema in the last twenty four hours or so the way the count is going. She's caught Martha Sally tonight. She extended the lead further. She now leads by twenty thousand votes statewide. There are still an awful lot of votes to be counted. In in Arizona. We can show you where they are Intel you something about them though. The bulk of the outstanding vote is in Mira county accounts for more than half of the population in the state about seventy thousand votes for mayor COPA county yet to come are from a particular collection of ballots. These ballots that were sent in before election day. They're heavily the ones that have been counted. In the last day, they seem to be favoring cinema. About seventy thousand ballots from here likely to favour cinema more than MC sallied. Then after that there's going to be about one hundred ninety five thousand that are counted from a second collection of ballots. These ballots that people brought into the polling place on election day, they had them at home. They filled them out. They brought him in on election day. These are likely Republican say to favor mic Sally more than cinema though. The extent of how much they'll favor her. That's unclear. There are also about sixty thousand from down here in Pima county. Tucson this blue area of the state were cinema has been running up the score against Mick Sally. And then there are about fifty thousand sort of from the rest of the state. So if you add all of this together, you've got oh we well over three hundred thousand ballots still to be counted. But the bottom line is cinemas taken the lead. She should do very well with these seventy thousand should do very well with these sixty thousand could hold her own with those one ninety five it is tough for Mick Sally already. Twenty thousand potentially to make this up but still it's going to take days through the weekend and into next week..

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