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Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news here it comes again and call eight four four nine eight thirty seven of seven or visit Best Buy waterproofing dot com because you've heard us say it and you know it's true what basements down right state their hazard to your family's health well being and your property value look our area has been hit by some of the worst weather in years whether you only think you are the more strict problems were already see the signs why take a chance called Best Buy waterproofing now at eight four four nine eight thirty seven oh seven you get a free inspection twenty four seven emergency service backed by thirty years of experience and superior service before during and after the waterproofing project is complete eight four four nine NATO thirty seven oh seven four Best Buy waterproofing dot com losing sleep over a stressful job for a bad boss it's time to get to know express employment professionals more than half a million people find work with express each year connect on the express jobs out or express pros dot com exchange this is the fox business report the major averages ending sharply lower still stopped booking double digit weekly gains to take back a chunk of losses seen this month the Dow falling nine hundred fifteen points the nasdaq down two hundred ninety five S. and P. five hundred down eighty nine and Disney says its Disneyland to Disney world resorts will remain closed until further notice since the closure of its parks in light of the ongoing crisis Disney will be extending pay for parks and resorts cast members through April the eighteenth and sea world entertainment says it has temporarily furloughed more than ninety percent of its staffers as of April the first and those workers will not be paid after March the thirty first and if you're stocking up on necessities at Costco starting on Monday the company's curbing store hours all U. S. clubs will close at six thirty PM and gas stations will close at seven from Monday through Friday however they will operate on their normal schedules through the weekend that's your fox business report finds three bars.

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