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Five one hundred dollars, a month or more. You know it's whatever works for you. Dave and thank you dave. We appreciate it. Thank you so much Dave you're the best. And everyone else, so we'll be back stock about that more, but let's jump into our workshop. If you didn't hear last episode, you are going to want to go back one. Yeah, you'll be like. What is this Wim Hof? Method? Who or what is Wim Hof I'm so confused. What is this fundamentals workshop? You'll have no idea so definitely. Hear that contextual information and also welcome. Glad to have you here on the show episode. One was sort of an icebreaker. Oh. Nicely done isolate. sixty-nine. Sexual. That's funny, so yeah, we got there. We got our waiver signed. We got our yoga mat set up on the ground. The crowd kept growing over time, but I think it stabilized at around three participants. Yeah, we definitely filled up pretty much all the negative space in that room, but I'm comfortable fell. Yeah, that's true. We were close to each other, but enough room to breathe. A I get it so yeah. Somebody writes in later, says there, and there were twenty four participants, Ross and carrier full of Shit just notes, plus minus or they're a liar anyway. The first thing we would do is get some very energetic and sincere information from Michael. Christopher Oh go Christoph, awro, yeah, handsome man! Looks like Jason soukous a tall sharp features long hair that he's kind of tied up behind him with a very substantial beard. He's got kinda sharp beard and mostly black curly hair, but with a little bit of the grey bit of salt in that pepper, so he started telling us about disease. Yeah, we kicked off around twelve fifteen. That was game time. He said he'd had a slide projector. That was very hard to see because a room wasn't dark. Right, so we kinda struggled. Struggled to see from our vantage, point was right onto the wall to yeah exactly so he wasn't a distinct image. And at least there was a post in my way so I'm constantly kind of trying to go around and say what does that say sheer using the zoom feature on my phone? We were sitting not next to each other, which is rare. And I was sitting at just the right angle. Where right above your head said Ross fit. A really cool mural on the wall. We took pictures of me in the raw it afterward. Yeah, so straight up. Let's talk about disease. We've all dealt with. It was all had disease affect our lives? Like which percentage of disease would you say? As chronic inflammation involves inflammation, I would say eighty eighty percent involves inflammation very precise by that I. do mean physical, mental and spiritual. Yes, he grew over time I think the first time Michael said eighty percent of disease is inflammation. That was the statement and. And then later on it became eighty percent of chronic disease, and then later on it became eighty percent of disease, mental and physical, and then spiritual got worked into this somehow so eighty percent spiritual disease, and sometimes he'd use. The word involves, which is very different, other than just the word is that van diagrams a little more of a closer overlap when you say. This disease is influenced, makes it sound like the inflammations causing the disease which could be the case to involve where it's just a component right? Because I mean. Presumably, we got inflammation. We evolved exit was useful in some way. Yeah, so, is this the cause or is this the treatment? I don't know speaking of which we're going to be mentioning a lot of claims and some kind of directly address, but just put it out there, we'll. We'll have more time after we tell the main story of this workshop to SORTA. unpack some of these ideas. Don't take this all at face value just not along for a little bit. So what's cool about the Wim Hof breathing method is that you're going to get more oxygen throughout your cells sounds good, cool speaking of inflammation causing disease. I sent this to my sister, Jeanette, who is a doctor in Fresno General Practitioner and asked. What. Do you think of this eighty percent of diseases inflammation and I'd ever kind of the permutations and ask for her reaction, and she said this is very Dr -ly but I think that in some contexts one might be able to contrive away to explain disease by inflammation and psychological mindsets, especially in the way that anxiety and depression can affect our health including levels of stress hormones, cortisol our. Our Immune response in our ability to make good decisions, affecting our chronic conditions, but I would not say there is a strong body of evidence pointing to a particular percentage, actually in my usual setting a primary care I would guess that over ninety percent of the ailments of life are connected to our mental health in some way, because we are integrated whole people and gave the example of the. The diabetic feels hopeless chooses not to take their insulin, and is now facing an amputation or heart, attack or blindness or the young person who was anxious to fit in started smoking. She was giving him. Sort of you know. Here's a stir up trying to get into this sort of mental health being connected to your overall health, but what to do with inflammation I. Think she she the inflammation. Inflammation thing saying that there's no particular percentage that sounds like it came out of nowhere, but then I think because he'd included the phrase eighty percent of disease both mental and physical. She was trying to say okay well. Here's here's how we could kind of connect to that idea of mental health, being town are bodily health. Wow, okay, who very kind fair to pull him out of the is. Exactly so I WANNA go around quoting eighty percent figure. Did you know that you only use ten percent of your brain? That is yeah..

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