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Hey there. It's me Lisa. Lillian also known as hungry girl. I am super excited to be here for yet. Another episode of the chew the right thing podcast. How are you? Mike Jamie were good. How are you I am good less melty than I was over the weekend. It's finally cooling off. Fine a line. At least you didn't have a power failure in your house. That is so true. Thank goodness. But if you have a power failure, that's the best excuse to eat everything in the freezer. Is Facing. I was like Tonita everything well Mike. Kept telling me. Don't open the refrigerator or the freezer, so that was my reason, not to and little known fact. That's probably a known fact. I didn't know it. The CDC recommends that you can keep things in the refrigerator for up to four hours as long as you don't open the refrigerator, but after four hours with longer now I throw it all things so I think you can just never open the fridge. I, just like I remember when I, was a child in the power to go out and I want to eat everything. Like funny, it's funny I'm talking about a childhood memory because today's episode is all about forgotten favorites. It's just <hes> Retro Very Retro today which I like because I consider myself kind of retro person I feel like all of my like my sensibility, my style. My tastes are a little retro. So agree. Yeah, little, vintage vintage A. I. Don't I'll take that as a compliment. <hes> but we've got it all today. We have <hes> some tasting. We have a sponsor. We've got news. We have a rousing game of chew or false right. Columbus. I can't even believe it. I'm so excited so I think we should probably just jump on in. have. You heard of avocado milk now. Okay? Well, apparently, it's Jamie have you heard of it only because I. Go on. L.. Apparently, it's a big deal in New Zealand, and it's about to hit the US. The drink is ninety calories a cup and has made with oats, honey freeze dried avocado water and lentil extract and it also they also have a chocolate flavor along with the regular flavor, and the chocolate actually is also ninety calories. They just add cocoa to it. So, we gotta get ourselves some of this and try and try and house the fat content to. We know I didn't look grams per cup. North Bad. Okay now I would try the I trip told. It doesn't sound delicious to me, but I love trying new. Milk Products, and it's always good to check out a new chocolate milk swab, because that calorie count is pretty good so I will give it a shot, but not so excited, so this one is really more for your niece. Lauren and all the other begins out there. Have you ever heard of the Vegan? Hawaiian store called Veg, oh. Okay so it's. It's dubbed the Costco. For vegans and it's an actual story can go and pick up stuff now. It's going to be on the mainland by the end of the summer. It's going to be for delivery only so you order it on to kind of gambling. You ordered online and they they'll send out to you in I guess freeze packed. Boxes and they have every Vegan brand like everyone. I didn't have to name them all. They literally have every V and brand in the store. Oh, wow, that's really cool, so there's not going to be like an actual physical brick and mortar location. It's all online right it's going to be. They're gonNA. PUT Basically warehouses in the major cities, probably at first, and then like Amazon you'll order it, and they'll ship it out from those those warehouses interesting. Amazing I think that's going to be super popular now it's like that. Love it. There's a lot of actually vegan products. That was so funny I was just thinking like. I spend a lot of time. 'cause I am the ultimate carnivore, but I say now these days it's fifty fifty whether I reach for something. That's actually like an animal, product or something. That's made by Gardena or AMY's. That is just sort of a substitute and I love them both so I will be partaking true excellent. All right so we a sponsor this week and we have a good one. I love sponsored segments where we get to taste food and we're going to do that today, so our show today's brought to you by back to nature back to nature that sounds so healthy, doesn't it and fitting for today's episode back to you know? That's right, but this is not. It's actually not a retro ran. It's a very like hip and cool brand. That has a ton of stuff I was so excited I have to be honest about the portion control. Many chocolate chunk cookies that are incredible. They have cookies. They have crackers. You guys like Fudge Man I. Know Mike. You're like a mint. Fudge Mint Person, aren't you? Yeah I definitely love the the Mindy Fudgy things for sure said yeah, they have a fudge mint cookie. That's amazing. They have organic stone, ground, wheat, crackers, and I love the flax seed flat breads like they have these huge flat breads that are so crunchy and incredible. We had them. I think we had them at Hungary lamb for a while, and they were like everybody was just eating them like they were going out of style, which they are not there in style, but their new. New Protein crackers is what we're going to try today, so the protein crackers come in two flavors I have one flavor. You guys have another flavor and we're GONNA try them. I love them because they are made with P.. Protein pea protein is very hot right now, so these happen to be plant based <hes> and everything back to nature as plant based. I should start by saying that also so even their cookies right there Vegan right everything is plenty <hes>. Everything's plant-based inspired by nature. Simple ingredients all right so. I'm going to bite into my <hes>. We're GONNA. Try Wait. What flavor do you have because I have roasted garlic and Basil? Back to nature plant based PEA protein crackers. Would you have? I'm so excited. These are the whole lot of seeds, crackers, flax, Chia poppy and hemp seeds. They look so good and they're the big flat ones to which I like

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