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Another hit and run. This one has property damage. Do you want to be on the lookout for possible to be debris that remain court at Linton Boulevard? Pam Water bt Traffic Not to Here this afternoon with a pop up shower or storm. A clear sky Tonight Low 72 Sunny Tomorrow 92 Sunshine in midweek. Wednesday's high 91 orchard. You better have the Weather Channel it 85 right now in Rock Hill, 86 uptown that W B team. The NFL making news today as the Washington Redskins decide it's time for a name change right at 9 a.m. The Redskins sent out a tweet with a statement. But here's the thing. It says they will be retiring the name at the conclusion of their search where they said they were going to be conducting a thorough review. And so the name is not officially retired. Right now. We know that it is their desire to have this all in place before the start of the 2020 seasons. Melanie Atwood in Washington. So it'll be a while before we know what the new name will be An execution that was planned for today at a federal prison has been stopped. Daniel Lewis Lee was sent to die today by lethal injection in a Terra Haute Indiana prison. Never a federal appeals court lifted an injunction on the matters Sunday. So a federal judge has now ordered a new delay in Hiss and two other executions. All three are child killers. Attorney General William Barr says the Justice Department has a duty to carry out the sentence is imposed by the courts to bring a sense of closure to victims. Jeff Man. Also Fox News here in Charlotte, a violent weekend the murder meter now at 64 the year four killings since Friday, homicide detectives say a gunshot victim was pronounced dead at the hospital this morning after being shot a little before two o'clock this morning he'd been found wounded in an apartment complex. Off of South Tryon and re Mount Road of the weekend homicides. The most recent was in the university area at an apartment complex off of Highway 49 old Concord where police say a male victim was found dead of a gunshot wound inside a vehicle that had hit a tree, another homicide off of Sugar Creek Road just south of 85 Sunday afternoon, where police say a man was shot and pronounced dead later at a hospital. 1/3 homicide this weekend and east Charlotte, where police say a man was shot and died at a gas station on Harris Boulevard at Milton and Sharon Amity Saturday night. Anyone with any information on any of these killings is urged to call Charlotte Crimestoppers. Steve counts WLBT News BT we lead local I'm Mark Harris and W B T New Meet Chuck. Now meet Chuck's personal information. Hello, made up of things like account Loggins Bank info and Chuck Social Security number. Whenever Chuck's shops, banks and browses online his info travels all over the World Bulls you.

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