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Your Davis makes the three drives on Lizzie runner up thanks we shop by Fisher Davis he's got sixty eight each have six fifty to go fifty five fifty northwestern he can score the ball weights with the Fisher Davis on a yup Pacira posting Lawrence battled with I'm gonna say it again I love that place I love running log let's say it is big enough to guard right now the fifth November bill Macintosh the building looking comes out high makes the catch that's going to work Macintosh consent which reads it from law dribble up brought against press move moves right here off the wall wall to the top of the key back outside back into what about going to the party working against Rovers Valadao laws pull up shot is blocked by court anagrams it out of there what what's the shop perhaps what's more shots here's the chance would support at St is it up press one forty six minute mark Fisher Davis gets a progress we're bound to religions between the rates well to shoot six minutes for the game Natchitoches stumbles a bit but stays with the chancellor chance Richard Davis made away jumper for the fifty five fifty two five forty eight remaining eighteen for Fisher Davis that's not the three point shooter he's getting off the phone sees it tough contested jump with Macintosh double what possession game again this Macintosh the law three point one moving what tax it out soon back in time to the point number five twenty six for the game McIntosh drives on the transport headquarters got it Bryant McIntosh the little floater fifty seven fifty two twenty one back to top we can't stand guard of big he was born in a triangle three dot it or not FOR three and it's a two point game fifty seven fifty five with five minutes exactly remaining weather dangers aren't they those are deep that's a seven footer from twenty five minutes just his second of the game he hit their first one no hits another year's Lizzy trying a three two strong rebound the chance Vanderbilt brings it down the chants driving big big Mr Davis to cardiac in the late evening.

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