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I don't know what they do. And i by the time i finished their commercial. I just didn't wanna look it up on principle. They had this like slow thing where they have this. Like this warehouse doors opening. And it's a slow zoom warehouse parking lot and i was like okay like where we going with this. And that's it. It's like a cliffhanger for their real commercial. And i was like what is the point of this i read the description and it was filmed apparently at four seasons total landscaping. God miss spot. Where donald trump steve accidentally scheduled his press conference. And i appreciate a good name reference like that but the whole point of foresees until landscaping was that it was an warehouse. It looks like every other warehouse parking lot and like true immediately recognizable. And so. I just think expecting the general population wants to know before seasons total landscaping joke to be able to recognize it on site is just too far too far for me and anyone however with that said. I appreciated that. They did not just throw a celebrity. And they're just hand a celebrity. The money be like give us views Because that's just the constant just just everyone's technique this year. I guess just what you do super bowl commercials but just too many celebrities. Come up with a joke on your own be funny. We know used to be good at that. Yeah i agree. What about pastures. What have you guys like like. Does anything stick. I feel like our memory is pretty short. But is there anything that really sticks you guys from past years but i mean the first one that came to mind for some reason i just could not think of any old super bowl correct. Maybe good maybe because i never watch the super bowl i do. Sometimes the pepsi commercial from two thousand four with fiance. Britney spears pay us in rega- glaciated beautiful time capsule that era where it's three minutes long first of all. It's just like insanely long. Yeah they need to be longer. It should have been a feature film but they enter this arena. They sing. we will rock you. They feed rica glazed. And they all drink pepsi conning this incredible laboratories that commercial. So you're right that is my yeah What else and then you know the anti celebrity front. I just love the budweiser clydesdales. Horses me to every time you see..

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