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That is real or is it is real name Jack Barsky now it is your real name is and it is my legal name but you grew up as the take very well said Dr Sam well it really it's amazing that you have lived this life and you know as I said I have relatives who who live today in what was the former East Germany in all my German relatives almost so there but you were getting to this exciting part in the story now so you are sitting down in this restaurant with a member of the K. G. B. and he doesn't reveal himself but then he says we're working with our Russian friends of course he's Germany in those days was effectively you know a Russian satellite there's no question about a part of the Soviet union's empire evil empire in the words of Reagan so what happens you sit down and you know when he says we're working with him on this a friend from Russia you know this is something's going on well the little German and he was a short guy that then said goodbye as as you you're going to be what we live hand along his any Erman and you know there was no choice or nothing he just disappeared I never knew his name you never had he had never introduced himself and even with the first name you know what it's about time Jack I was a guy that was you don't remember what you know number no actually you're much better looking than a law well I don't want to know about that okay so you've now your loan you're sitting here with a Russian guy right what happen very nice fellow yeah and he spoke group meeting German quite well and you know this was a very very slow getting to know one another what they were looking at me from the beginning was getting me trained and launching me as an agent as an undercover agent initially in West Germany so those kinds of people you really have to get to know you need to know whether you can trust them are they capable of doing this and and and it's a it's a two way street the prospective agent also needs to be comfortable with that task you don't for somebody into that eight you can force spying by you know blackmailing and and bribery for somebody who only has secrets but if an agent who goes into a mail in behind enemy territory needs to do this voluntarily so the I work with this fellow for a year and a half and it was some he gave me some some training tasks and we talked a lot we became really good friends I like them a lot you like me to know what was his name was Armand hammer yeah one point I made a made a mistake I asked him is is your real name get him on and he looked at we was angry with me for that because I mustn't know was a no no question you know it was old secret but anyway he like me well enough and I I guarantee you we met once every week on sometimes every other week every time we met he wrote a report and it became a big fire I mean this is exactly like out of a movie and somebody you're probably talking to people about rights to your book number I he's sold them you sold the right yes okay to do a series not a movie to do even better yeah gosh well that's exciting well I got to say that I just want you to keep talking so please continue with the story so in as I said he'd like me well enough eventually he set me up before meeting with headquarters and I was headquarters in Berlin that was my very first secret meeting I had a I was given an address and a time at a location well would meet another agent I was another Russian so when we I don't know what the the workload worse at the exchange so different so we know we were both who we thought we were yeah and he took me into headquarters you know that there is a place where normally Germans will have no access that's where that the was headquarters of the the Soviet administration including the KGB what part of Berlin are we talked betting calls host yeah it's a it's a it's the building still stands as a good tipper sure it's ugly green if yes greenish gray pretty ugly yeah like a monster yeah so and we when we are received there in a in an office that was decorated with me on the line and pictures and and a bust of the founder of the KGB now what's his name the Polish guy I jin ski jin ski I don't know yeah yeah okay it and did another short like mom on important looking man sat behind the desk the moment he opened his mouth you know that he was not an unimportant man there's always a voice of steel came out I'm in very high authority he spoke only Russian now my Russian was sort of my school question was good enough to understand most of what he was saying there was a lot of you know initial propaganda know why we're doing this and who the enemy is all that nonsense and then he switched gears like out of the blue if he looked at me and he says so are you in or not and not with a smile and I wasn't prepared for that question I didn't know what that was coming so I was just trying to play for time I wasn't ready to answer so I said well you know I'm not really well trained I got a line this I got a line that and he said don't worry about it will train you I want an answer and I want an answer by tomorrow at noon wow that made for sleepless night because it was not an easy decision you know on the one hand you know I might might yeah not become my hometown I loved it there I mean I played basketball on the university team I had friends and and I had this career and I was glad that I was already somebody and I would have to say goodbye to all of this forever forever pretty much all over again it's not it's not yet we're going to go to another break I'm talking to Jack Barsky sort of his real name the book is deep under coverage here cut taxes show Hey folks with axes.

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