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Com. Slash tour to get tickets to all of those shows. Please enjoy this conversation. Still. No, no, no careless. Well, first of all that we, we are working with the full support of technology. I am in Chicago. You are remotely in upstate New York, and we are still making this work because that, because, hey, as where people we've got technology now so we can connect with each other feel so good on the show. I, I have people introduce themselves. So would you mind introducing yourself? Hey, my name is Jacqueline Woodson and most of a time I live in Brooklyn, New York, but day I haven't booster and Jacqueline. What do you do with your time? I know what you do with your time. So the thing I'd do with most of my time is right, unloved, writing at bluff, writing sits about seven years old. I love telling stories I love making up stories on and the creating moral. So, yeah, writing is. The thing I do when I'm not writing with my family with coordinate Juliet amazing position and and our children Toshi in sixteen. So when she's not here and some Jackson Luoi who's gen a home village of other people that are helping us these world as our children. Man, that's ounce. That sounds nice. Yeah, it's a good thing. Sounds like sounds like you got some stuff together. I was so happy to. I've read a bunch of your stuff. I read another Brooklyn recently on a flight. A lot of your books are like appropriate for younger readers, but then also, I think really. Like interesting for me as a thirty six year old person I was reading. I think another Brooklyn is like, what is that is like the middle grade or like, what does that like reader? Another book landed my first adult mabul in twenty years, so my God, well, then I am I straight up horribly ashamed. I thought I was just like, wow, I can really connect with the youth..

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