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Like that doesn't really sound good because they're explaining it exactly how they want and no one is addressing encountering it so i think that's that is a really dangerous thing i don't know if you guys heard the The president's speech last week and tulsa. And i have to say as an oklahoma and i was born and raised in. Oklahoma took oklahoma history in high school and college never learned about the tulsa race. Riots but One of the things the president said in his speech just really resonated with me and that was just because history is silent. It doesn't mean that it didn't take place and while darkness can hide much. It erases nothing. Only with truth can come healing and justice and repair only with truth facing it so this goes back to what i was saying before. Only when we talk about this can we move forward. And so i think you made a you made a good point. We weren't scared about cory booker coming into our suburbs right because we have experienced with that right. We're like oh. I have to come to mind. That's okay yes. Come on and cory booker. i think there's a house revealed on the street. Actually but we have experienced that but this is why they don't want us to have the conversation so we have seen this happen even in my little town of hudson ohio so we recently made national news in hudson ohio and it was not good news for our town so during our memorial day events. Lieutenant colonel kempter was giving a speech and he dared to included discussion of the real history of memorial day. A history that includes people of color freed slaves playing an integral role in the holiday. The organizers admittedly cut his mike because they thought it shouldn't be part of the program. It shouldn't be part of our discussion now. The american legion has since responded swiftly to calls including a by my husband. estate reputational l. Asking for their resignations. They actually closed the branch and i applaud their swift response. But what we don't hear in the media is more of the context. This is something you know. That heather cox. Richardson talks a lot about right. And there's more context behind this event just days. Before this event we had a city council member who was caught trying to push down a community conversation about race when police opened an investigation into some hudson students making egregious racial and homophobic threats online..

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