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Control and crashed lindsey padilla's a family friend telling news channel eight this is nothing nobody's going have to go through and just pray for everyone going through this right now walking up here and then just watching all his family breakdown at if an eye-opener like in a split second year life can be gone many of the hundreds who gathered to honor the victims are still in shock oscar daniel flora's were brothers and their deaths were especially hard on their mother who lost her husband in a fire just a few months ago A video showing a white police officer in Largo choking a black teenager as led to the officer losing his job. Largo. Police say Brian living law was terminated Tuesday, after an internal affairs investigation. A YouTube video appeared to show and more grabbing a seventeen year old African American male by the neck and using profane language, chief, Jeffrey understood says Lindores actions or non-acceptable, violate the public's trust Livernois worked on the four six and a half years. Gordon bird NewsRadio WFL the Hillsborough county state attorney's overturning seventeen cases after an internal investigation following the firing of three Tampa police officers in may Tampa police chief, Brian Dugan announced the firings of Mark Landry. John Loretta, and I'll Genesis sale for allegedly throwing away drugs to avoid making arrests not filing. Police reports and repeatedly turning off their body cams. They have barest our police department. They have placed the community's trust that we have in jeopardy, they have tarnished our brand, and they betrayed the oath that they swore it up, hold the cases that have been overturned were. mostly drug cases handled by the fire cops they're asking anyone to come forward if they feel like they were wrongfully convicted as a result of one of the officers actions they hernando county woman who is trying to kiss her new dog instead suffered serious injuries after the two hundred pound bull massive attacker face the brooksville woman and her roommate rescued the dog about a week ago when two people who also live at the home return from a night out the dog started acting aggressively when she leaned into kiss the dog at lashed under her left cheek and lip the victims roommate telling news channel as anything big like anything like the pit bull that goes on it was just something that happened in a freak accident aggravated you know it just happened the victim needs plastic surgery the massive is now at hernando county animal services beware of bears the warning coming from the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission after two people in two days reported seeing a bear Near lakeland Linder airport. David Celescu with the state bear management program says it's that time of year when young bears are leaving their mothers looking for their own territory. Wild animal definitely beat it. If you see a bear reported to f WC the ongoing battle over the future of the Tampa Bay rays. Hillsborough county Commissioner Ken, Hagen took the gloves off at Wednesday's board meeting blasting, Saint Petersburg, mayor Rick Christman for resisting further talks between the raise the city of Tampa and Hillsborough county over moving the team to ebore challenge. We currently face is that we are prevented from negotiating with the team due to the original use agreement being in place. Christman says Saint Pete is still the best place for the raise. But the team currently ranks twenty ninth out of thirty major league teams in attendance ahead of only the Miami Marlins. It's seven oh, five at News Radio. WF LA, the Federal Trade Commission is looking at YouTube to see if the world's largest video side violated rules about collecting data on advertising to children YouTube is now considering changing the way in Handel's kids content. The Wall Street Journal reports YouTube is thinking about moving all its videos for kids to its separate YouTube.

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