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And that's it says let's is ready to go in the parking lot And I go what about? How does this work for like you know? Pay Your what. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT MORNING. Like he goes he goes. We'll talk to your agent about it. I'm like I don't know I still book. Who might my name? Is this point. The guy like at this point like this guy is not in this business. Doesn't what's going on so someone else from that company or from the production calls me a woman and she's like yes. We just WanNa make sure you know that you're still in where need to be on schedule. Filming comes here. Yeah I'm good. So he comes like it's the Friday before the it's the day before what so Sunday night or whatever it is twenty minutes they call me. They call me they go. He goes good news bad news. The good news is you. Don't have to shave your head. The bad news is we cut. You're seeing so actually go in there but it was funny because I still ended up meeting stunt director. I still ended up meeting the rocks. Stun double which I was like at work. Yeah yeah which I was like. Rock doesn't have a stunt double no one looks like the rock and his mother fucker walks in like. Oh Hey the rock coming over at bad eyesight is done double bits. You're supposed to try and meet the Rock. I did read the right. He faced shit out of me. Yeah Yeah so. I think the last episode. You're talking about people that pay for like a backstage experience. Oh yeah sure. So a couple watch terms out the director of that hard with their last week military discount and everything so there was a Stephen Merchant was the director of the movie. All these names and I fucking Nick. Frost was in the movie and stuff. I Don British guys Shaun of the dead. Do the fact and a hot comb is Stephen. Works Rick Buddy. There on this one was shooting scene but yeah he was like the coach movie or something. So what does your password know but boy you stood in line. I saw common. You stood in line to say hi to the row. Yeah the there's like four people I was GONNA say. Hey Man Nice to meet you. Suppose like rock bottom for whatever and I am the last I looks to me. Walk Straight the fuck off. I'm pretty sure the whole catering room Saudi was like this. Do Bruni. Happy this go real life whole on on air hundred wants to chime in all the extra work. The but as Devon ever German SUPLEX came. Bless you oh. Devin couldn't be true. Tuck Chin well. That's because it doesn't get light. I gave my. I gave him eight. She's Christ gave them a lot of that here all right he hasn't been able to. Here's one of the craziest thing so I've been a lot of big names in there. I I've been professional wrestling for six years a little over six years and I have done some things that I met people and that I never thought I would. I would tell right now. We're we'RE GOING TO FOCUS. We'll go kane because you are of you called me. Texted me or something like hey we got something going on and I was like what and you were like. Cain Velasquez come train with us and I was like. I don't give a fuck what you say right now. I'm his training partner right now that I told you there's nothing you can say right. The burgers us like a kid. I gotTA stretch yeah. Verdict came Velazquez. And I said never heard of him. But how did that come about so? Obviously you know the down we trade down here and everything like that. That's a domino junior and then Obviously is dead is the Ray Ray came in here in training and everything like that and then he pulled me aside. He goes on I think the Fed wanted K to get a little bit more working and then raise. The one said I've got the perfect place and So came Came in from San Jose and everything like that and had had an private Arbitrating is something like that. And that's when I hit hundred G. will then one hobson a couple of other people because also knew that the chronicle was going to be happening. So that all kind of came about and everything like that from From Ray Trust in me interested in the school. Missile how it all came about so when I hunter I got paired up pretty well. Cain yet day because you guys were the biggest guy. You Ain't no bronx you know but I remember Ray was like hey. Can you do a little six minute match with Kane? And of course I can't of course. And he were you so back okay. So Rai- raised in the ring with as as the referendum and I'm circling with Cain Velasquez. And I'm just thinking I'm just thinking in my head like what the doing right now. I watch this guy kick the shit out abruptly. I watch this guy kick the shit out of ministerial gail. I watch this Guy Brockton. Not just you did what he smoked for. I remember miss. It's sports debt. So he's he's that scar that brock has on his face. That's from came. I don't remember that everybody drunk yet. He destroyed but he. Oh my God. I'm circling Cain Velasquez. Right now and also he's circling you. Mother fuckers I'm circuit and blood and waterfowl and also ray the way that ray wants came to fight live more shoot style. So that's another reason. Why rebranding areas. Because he wanted me to show Cain the shoe sale with the the the work the work yet. Everything like that so he raised is kind of like telling US stuff like two and ray says like Mike shooting or something like that for the double-leg or go behind and right then. Cain throws a high kick ass and I was like whole leave. I saw obviously didn't throw it four-speed but he threw it like pretty good. As when Cain Velasquez was an emmy firing a champion champion two times skew. Look just throwing a high kick at medium speed is fast if hobby because it almost clip market my said. I.

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