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Final January 6th committee report is out. It says former president Trump was responsible for the violent attack on the capitol. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. It's 7 48. Traffic a mother on the aids Jack Taylor and the WTO traffic center. All right, with our slowdown in the district on the freeway as you approach the third street tunnel headed out toward Virginia off the case bridge getting onto the outbound 14th, crash clean up that involved a box truck single file left have been getting by then a couple hundred yards beyond that. Be careful, you're going to find some activity, unfortunately, we don't know if it's a crash or a broken down vehicle in that far right lane. If you need to make the exit onto the Parkway, just quickly get back over for a second and then hop back over to the right side. Now you will find otherwise downtown, we're looking good. D.C. two 95 is a little heavy, passing east capital street. No real worries at all, northeastern and northwest in bed on New York avenue. Careful going inbound on suitland Parkway, watch near Stan road, the crash had been along the right side. Some dark traffic signals along north capitol street basically between Rhode Island avenue and Michigan avenue, you may find police in a couple intersections, but take it easy. All right, in Maryland, three O one north at the madam woman beantown merge with 5, the crash squeezing right to get by. Branch avenue near Moore's road and brandywine, a crash, the wrecking hides ville was in the intersection university boulevard at 23rd avenue. Now, big trouble up toward ballinger creek in Frederick on 85, northbound travel lanes blocked at crestwood boulevard, southbound left sides blocked with response. Now you will find otherwise Maryland topside outer loop. There have been word of a potential crash outer loop of the beltway on the ramp to New Hampshire avenue. There's a little heavy traffic as you approach New Hampshire, otherwise delayed free from 95 over to Georgia avenue, light enough volume you're looking good on the inner loop headed down toward the Wilson bridge. In Virginia, we've got a slowdown on 95, but it's headed southbound crossing the aka kwon, then you're a little congested as you move through dumfries. Two issues on the George Washington Parkway, northbound near the key bridge that early erect cleared, travel lanes open, and the delay has eased southbound after the key bridge a new crash that's along the left side. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Now here is the storm team four meteorologist Mike stina with this storm that's moving through our area Mike. And good morning and right now we're washing heavy rain and gusty

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