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Their 'vulnerability they are fears about the future. And indeed south. Africa is a a mystery country. We there are people still have hope that tomorrow might be better but the problem that we. Hey f- when you talk about lawlessness and when you talk about violence it-it's the political elite that keep on indoctrinating south africans with lawlessness. Because if you look at this all all these commissions that we are watching television. The crime that is committed by the politician. You can see that these are the people who are us to this hellhole. You know when you look at the violence that is being meted out by the state so the ordinary poor. You could see that. We are being socialized round violence and lawlessness ends. I am saying that resilience that togetherness that is still in south africa. It's easier window that needs to be natured and be protected but it can't be protected by politicians and by the business sector in this country but the people who are supposed to step up and say we need to protect this window of hope i the ordinary people. The ordinary continue does end the academics who are honest so us into the future of this country. If we're not going to have those on this lead us. I can assure you as i've worn people before south africa won't be far from any at the african failed state quantity. Where do you see. Hope coming from right now or or do you think that we could be having the same conversation ten years from now. It's possible that would have the same conversation dent ten years from now if really things don't change in a confident way it's important that our democracy returns to the people it returns to citizens it returns to communities because the problem is that we made mistake. I think so as south africa during the time with trump because we looked up to liberation movements as governments in weight which was completely wrong. Because as you can see in the whole of southern africa liberation movements as governments have disappoint african people in a big way the same political elites is talking about the day the how of the political establishment here in south africa. How they get to. The horrible for establishment is because of the systems developed the democrats assistance developed. We need to re-look the systems that we have designed from our electoral systems. Even our vary constitution because in south africa. I know identify with a lot of people in this point in south africa. One of the bad rocks that we're for democracy is. This constitution is constitution which was crafted above the heads.

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