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I discovered in an Apollo 17 photograph. And if you google Big Ben on the moon, you'll feel you'll find some of my Enhancements. They are blue tinted photographs that were shot off a High resolution screen so that I could get real illumination of this image. So there is activity there and I call it l G A. I call it the lunar governing authority. Not everybody is allowed to go to the moon. And I think that We were told not to go back until we improved somehow Interesting. Brendan in Austin, Texas, I branded, go ahead. Well, thank you guys so much. It's always an honor. Thank you. Think s so I was calling because About 10 years ago, I was doing a lot of research. You know, that's whenever I got into a lot of this stuff, and I was looking at NASA dot gov. And they had these pictures of the moon, hundreds of them where they had Pixelated structures and even as recent as the chain five or four, which everyone was in 2019 that the Chinese had sent a That they had these mega pixel pictures, huge pictures that they also had. I think the image dump that they had was like 550 pictures, and some of them had these. Massive pixelated structures, but they didn't censor the shadows a little silly. Guys up there in the government, you know, right? Uh so I wanted to know what your input was on that and It with China and the US working together. You. Cover up what's going up on there and the dark sentiment because the Chinese Had gone to the dark side of the moon. That's what their pictures were. And they had gotten these giant structures. Yes, well, I do believe that there is a lid on it on both sides of this geopolitical great wall. And But I'll tell you this I discovered in those Chang Oh, three photographs. I discovered that on Christmas eve of 2013. Brilliant UFO approached and posed literally posed for the camera of the Chinese rover. And there are 10 photographs off a UFO. Brilliant UFO coming in at a 45 degree angle. Three of them on the left side, three of them in the center, three of them on the right and the 10th picture. Does not sure the UFO but the marvelous thing is that in the in the last picture before the UFO appears the shadows of the rocks. Go from the from the Rock. To the left side when the UFO disappears off to the right. There is no longer in view. It's so brilliant that the shadows of the rocks go from the rock. To the left side. Those slips by I don't know if it leads to but I was going through hundreds of some nails and I saw this brilliance. See it looked like rainbow. Rainbow colored lights spilling all over the frames. And I wrote, I wrote an article about it's called Have the Chinese made contact with UFOs on on the moon. And Fantastic, So things get by, you know, And I think there are good guys as they say, White hat both on both sides and that although the official policy is to cover it up The truth teller. In the individuals, whether they be Americans or Chinese. They try to get stuff out and I have benefited from from those leaks. The picture of the of the walls. Today on the page actually came from the miniature picture that was leaked to me, um to us. For those who have eyes to see Twitter. Some summer. Really? Name is time is travel. Leave four pictures of a mountain range on Mars. I recognized that and then I saw two pictures of this wall. And I downloaded them. But they were smaller and lower resolution and then I had a moment of doubt. Because I saw this. He suspect this UFO there and I said, Man, could that be a helicopter? Could somebody be messing with my brain? I don't want to go in Georgia's show, you know and come out with something phony. So I took that picture. And there is a function of the Google or the Internet, where you can upload a picture and they'll tell you the very first time that it was published. And I was very gratified to find that this is a guy authentic NASA curiosity photo and the wonders that I found as a result. Is magnitudes of improvement of the resolution is fantastic, and there is a UFO floating in the background there. And I I enlarged it, but we didn't have room for it. So thank you for your question, and it's a very good one. And I hope that answers your question. West of the Rockies. Linda's with US, Spokane, Washington. Hi, Linda. Hi, George. Thank you for giving me and Absolutely. Huh? Yeah, I like your positivity. Anyways. Um, I wanted to mention to Robert a book I read by grain. Hand cup cuddles and tango and in it, there was the girl from the modern world who was chosen Because of a near death experience. She was chosen by a They're working whether to take the M T and go in to travel into the dimensions than timeline. To help Girl that named RIA. That was way back trying to save the Nandor Saul's, um From being destroyed by someone named Jack. And, uh, during her damn t travel, she met a blue lady. Who was Trying to help connect all the dots from the beginning to the modern world, and it involved Reas. Ria's fight, and, uh, anyways, late Leo needs the modern girl in that.

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