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And I don't think he's a fan of, well, let's let's figure out what happened here. So Alec Baldwin's not a fan of mine. He called me cheesecake face and okay. This is going to be crushing to me, isn't it? Because Alec Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin, we're on the show and I've always wanted to talk to Alec Baldwin. It's the first time we've ever. I've always wanted to talk to him on the show since I found him interesting since he was very honest in a New Yorker profile on him, talking about how he had failed as a movie star because he couldn't carry a movie. And so his acting career was a failure, and I just thought I found his level of introspection so interesting that I bought his autobiography. I'm a fan of this person, so they came on with us and he was sent to us for free. But you did think enough about him to ask Allison to have them send it to you for free. So that's that you read it. I mean, you know what? I lost that one. I bought one at the airport, so now I believe that. Well, that's true. I remember where I was when I bought the Alec Baldwin autobiography. Well, he hates you. Here's audio. I gotta go, but I just want to say this. I really mean this. This is not because you're my brother. You know these guys. I'm not going to say that they're in negative integer personality wise, but under the negative comment. But they're kind of zero. I mean, there's not a whole lot going on there. There's very calming mafia jokes, and all this kind of crap. You know, they're, they're, they're not that clever. I, I don't even know if good writing can help them, but you are the king. You're the guy who you got the facts. You got the delivery. I'm not saying this. 'cause you're my brother. I mean, you're very good at this and hopefully your show is going to grow. And by the time you get to where I think you belong in sports radio, those guys are going to be like bringing you your coffee human. They're going to be like insurance working for you. They're going to be out of business and they're going to be like bringing you your cinnamon swirl Danish and your coffee. Okay. Brother, you know how much I love you, and your support means a lot to me. Thank you. Which one was that. The, I think there was a bit of a slip there because he said, Daimiel, you have the fats if we listen back to it. So he's we're not clever and again, he's judge. He is again or deigning himself gatekeeper for comedy. He doesn't fight you. I can assure you the better writing hasn't helped. He probably doesn't know anything about my career like writings. Now I like writing would help us if I wrote the show. I'm a writer. I'm a professional writer, but I'm hurt what you're hearing now is wounded me. Alec Baldwin hates us. Alec Baldwin bloated face of pomposity arbiter for all things comedic. I can't. I mean, I can't fight too much about getting big time by. He's Alec Baldwin that in itself is an achievement. Alec Baldwin big timing you? Yeah. But I mean, we're not exactly a huge underdog. I understand we're on the lowest rung of the show business ladder, but his brother's beneath us and and there's not going to be a whole lot of getting getting him coffee and cinnamon swirls that's more likely to work the other way. Now, Alec admittedly, I'd have to bring him as an intern, the sentiments world, but all the other brothers are bringing them to me. Really. William. Which ones that the good looking, what that's me. Psych. Stephen. Even as good looking. He's got those dreaming eyes, but that's dated face. Billy does. Oh, that's Billy Steven. Steven was in bio. Why am I talking in the third person? Because I'm Stephen Daniels also Fifty-seven. Not interning give him time. I want them to the demographic. I want him to keep coming on. I want I want this can unravel in curse words and shame and national indignity..

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