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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from go to meeting businesses count on go to meeting for simple reliable online meetings with nearly sixty million friction lists meeting supported each year go to meeting is where real work gets done at goto meeting dot com live from npr news in washington i'm lorry london new york city's fire commissioner says a stairwell acted like a chimney and quickly spread a deadly fire in an apartment building in the bronx daniel nye growth says it appears to have been started by a child playing with a stove were in the midst right now of the worst long for loss of life and our city fire in the past ten years twelve people tragically died here us was sevenwoman fiveman five children seven adults four other people remain hospitalized with critical injuries and are seriously fighting for their lives right now he stresses the importance of closing doors to contain fires in two thousand seven another apartment fire in the bronx killed ten people nine of them children in a 30minute interview with the new york times president trump said sixteen different times that there's been no proof of collusion in the russia investigation anne pierce tampere keith reports the wideranging interview took place in the grill room at his golf club in west palm beach florida according to the times the interview was impromptu and there were no aides on hand as the president spoke on the record about everything from the tax bill to the georgia senate election and the russian investigation as for that special counsel investigation trump said quote i think that bob muller will be fair and everybody knows there was no collusion he.

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