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Hey Terry here with your flash briefing for Monday. Hope you're off to a good start for your week as I promised a last week I've been diving into a little bit of the jobs that are available with Amazon particularly in Canada and there are a number of jobs particularly in Vancouver and Toronto that are currently available. And apart from yes you may be interested in applying for those jobs and by the way you can see those at Amazon dot jobs I was interested to see what kind of jobs are being posted because that may give us a little bit of a clue in terms of what features maybe seeing soon and one of the first jobs that came up on this list was. A development. Manager for Lexi Guard so you don't know guard is one of the features that is available in united. States. But it's not here in Canada. So what does that mean? Well, it does mean that Amazon obviously is trying to bring that to Canada but if they're looking to hire someone to work on it, it probably means that it's not quite ready yet for prime time here in Canada. So that's a little bit on the Lexi Guard. Some of the other jobs that I'm seeing posted include and these are all in Canada. Areas of applied scientists software development engineers, a quality assurance engineers, solutions, architects applied scientists. Language engineers a senior V voice user interface designer for Lexi shopping. So That's interesting. They WanNa Canadian to working on that lots and lots of development engineers I'm seeing. and. Finally, I'm seeing job called senior software development engineer for Lexi orchestration, and to be honest, I'm not sure what orchestration means when it comes to Levy. But in the job description, the job description, it says lexi or. Is situated at the center of all Lexi customer experiences whether they are traditional custer, customer initiated speech interactions, or the growing set of lexi initiated proactive scenarios such as routines and notifications very interesting anyway. So there's a little bit of insight into what's going on in Canada with the market. Again, if you're one of those jobs, definitely check it out, go to Amazon dot jobs and apply in. We'll get some Greek Canadians on the team. All right. Have a wonderful day talk to you soon. BRIEF CAST DOT FM..

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