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It would and it was always presented as if women knew about me or or if women knew about you they'd never hire me that kind of thing every that what was liquid plumber yet i was liquid plumber implied outlined tech news also maytag warned that the guy i am ticket of that it is at the end of the mayor tire repairman wild it gather at the maytag repairman the loneliest guy in town that's it as the one yet maytag and they got this guy with his beautiful hangdog face he looked kind of like a bassett hound uh it was just and he just looked sad and it i yeah and then of course we should a believe it because they said that about themselves so what's very funny how we got onto all his from my apps but in a way that's what i want i want i want the apps the speak for themselves i don't want any gimmicks like i said earlier garnish and things like that i think if something's really good and i've proven has now so i can stand behind it if something's really good people will want to use it in if it's really good then that makes me happy that people want to use it my goal really is to make the world a little bit of a better place and i think productivity apps especially calendars contacts and who knows what else will do if i can save so in a couple of seconds even each day than in their life i've saved them a lotta time in frustration and i think is not the point of computers is to make people's lives better we are at the hour mark and i can't think of a better way to wrap this show than what you just said that's really beautiful and too and so i want to thank you for taking time to talk today and amos michael simmons the website is flexible it's the products are fantastical and card hop and uh.

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