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And camp became up and that we were kidding about you know what a phenomenally bad history was and and I I used an old Russ Hodges line I gave her a sergeant's name credit I always do and address I just would say anyone up there is suing initial lately is dangerous and so skip said well obviously he didn't see Rick camp and anyway so so to purchase before camp of the home run I said Abraham is a three run home run to tie the game rules certified this game is a crazy isn't history into bridges later hit the three run and I don't remember that then the med scored five runs in the nineteen that either when they get it was up sixteen thirty I actually played that for John he was in the car and I saw it online and I played it for him and he actually said the same thing I did like my calls but he couldn't really hear it but when I was playing into over the loudspeaker is he was in it is he was in his car you know what's on it what's interesting I had called some of the Baltimore guys they gave me their line up no problem really yeah yeah okay this is what and one guy I was in the I didn't even know we was there are they there this is what they thought would happen the center fielder Austin Hays the kid would be the lead off hitter Hans Robert dole at second base batting second in right field would would be Anthony Santander Chris Davis who really had a great spring I think maybe he's whatever would be at first base of the plant operator or not till noon yes is the G. H. did you know that Jose Iglesias was a shortstop on this team that's true that's the fun part about the start of a baseball season I started like okay not exactly but yeah all names on your heels well I. Dwight Smith would be in laughter the catcher would be Pedro Severino and Rio Ruiz who actually candle that would be the third baseman hand the starting pitcher would be the left hander Jon means pregnancy obviously on the injured list but they were they had no problem what's your best guess what if there was a one hundred and sixty two game season would they lose fewer games than the one hundred and eight they lost last year well they've got they've got better pitchers I think they've got their way bill and then they at least they have real names on that staff now besides means and Alex Cobb where the block is now on that team Tommy Malone who actually can pitch a little bit I have no idea that it doesn't really really give you a lot of hope when you look at this this line up there closer is Michael givens and he's one of those guys is such a great guy but the closer he gets to the ninth inning the worse he gets what was in the middle he was great and that is a move back and back as Richard Bleier still on that team we know him Hector Velazquez came over from the red Sox we we know all about our little l'oreal's that we see now for rock nineteen times a year John and I would have been that our favorite restaurant in Baltimore called the prime rib yeah Jack Maldonado and John and I and and Gary Thorne do this every time we're in Baltimore a favorite place and we're all sitting in four different places in New York in the New York area it's very odd very strange well before you know it that's at some point this will happen in Baltimore maybe June maybe July but it will happen we we will take a quick break we got more coming up we've got the great schism Allman the great John starling will even take some of your calls with them so if you want to call on eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six it is running on a Roberts here in the afternoon by Mike Wallace in the W. CBS news or New York state had another one hundred cove in nineteen deaths overnight for a total of three.

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