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Saw all the claims he saw. Jesus do all that. But it wasn't an evidence issue could example. Okay question came in for you here tyler from saints edified. Don't read it on the screen. You keep keep your eyes on on the traffic in front of you. That's like dead. I know you're probably only doing like five miles an hour because that's La but yeah tyler in in the debate I can't read. It says Tyler in the debate you said that you would believe in evolution or something to that effect. If the evidence was sufficient. Do you remember that. Can you explain what I what I basically said was I. I don't really. I don't really know I'm agnostic caustic. I haven't studied it. It's you know it's asking me about evolution is like asking you about the chemical composition on the third planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. I and I don't know I I don't know I understand that it's the majority view I understand that there are there are people who are for it and against it then have degrees the have relevant Chiro idea I have a hunch that From what I know of the philosophical considerations or something like the neo we are winning and synthesis that that's almost certainly false Because then you're getting into issues of of Information Theory and creativity and of complexity and getting into your getting into the realm that I do things about which I just find that improbable But as as far as as some of the other issues I just have no idea and and I just I mean those that no my Mo- my view on on Genesis. This is the section even. If you disagree you know I just. I don't think that it's hopeful. Relevant topic really that much So yeah well e- easy rider said this and I still challenge easy rider to come on in and You know have a discussion in here. But I- pro. He probably won't but easy rider says apologize. Doesn't convince me you're right and you can quote the scripture until the cows turn blue. Do I have no reason to believe that. The scriptures are true. I think he was trying to get something to rhyme. Yeah says St. till the cows come home but But notice but notice what he says. This is going back to go back. I mean the the initial reaction that I have to to his original. Well gutted this romy as point eight hardy shadows a bad disposition of the heart that you don't want to believe because it says it it doesn't say I gonNA. I'm GonNa try to live in God added to it. Says God need to.

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