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Well what did you think i. That was an interesting episode for you to hear. Because i don't find that you get super fascinated by that kind of stuff. So what did you think. I mean i like him and he i like evangelists needs an evangelist. He's here to educate which i got his. You know he's also evangelizing his book as well but man what a what an interesting story i mean i. I've known about him along time. Mostly in the biohacking way the original the original way now. He's really focused on food. Which i think is really great. I like him because he seems like. He's very sound very science based and aims at simplicity. So i'm not getting really unhappy with my nutritional life that it'd be great to like have a vision for it. I really haven't had a clear about it. Like as we're listening to him talk. I mean you know but it's like it's like the food thing you know and i certainly noticed that with my kids just you know it's like they are very sensitive to the e. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Let's clueless sitting in the conversation as a parent thinking. Oh yeah getting through. The meal is is one thing sending the kids out to really be in. Prime state is very just a hired geyer game that i'm not chosen to focus on it. Worth doing. Really worth doing reminds me as son of silly but like when enemy interrupt us up but like the kit was baby and i had to suppress eating because i was dealing with sinus infections as i talked about on the show and he would need for for a while and i kept calling the peterson. He's not gonna eat. And i'm like he's going to die and he's not going to die he's gonna eat when it comes time to eat and i think it'd be true of like he didn't die by the way people of you know i think about like if we were really try to retrain our kids to like eat eggs in the morning instead of oriole pancakes and cereal and if we were to try to get our kids all of our kids speed and better the an interesting experience yeah. I think the goal is probably did talk about it. More than start said something small. The way people fail is usually they go from zero to one hundred. Not that you ever do that anyways. We hope you guys enjoyed this episode. We could sit here and talk about this for hours but Anyways if you love to episode please share it. Send it with a friend rate reviews. Subscribe all that good stuff and go buy that new book fastest way by dave asprey. Yes you'll love it..

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