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A robert half company extra sports 1300 weather from first alert five tonight partly cloudy 61 tomorrow mostly sunny low 90s right now eighty nine in this spring's i'm chuck squire with traffic and weather on extra sports 1300 allsports all the time they know more about sports than you do it love my mind that people take out that if he believe that is doing instead of the fact that it needed to be died and even if they will continue to say they do you guys are way you garki bids ryan kaufman chris brayden on drivetime sports agents gonna be great a joy jury would buddy like all the enemy he presented by tilted jill of eatery on extra sports 1300 come in our number two of the show wheels and ryan with you in studio was san forms worth will join us next segment by the way hefty give sam a little bit of grief just a little right well yeah low grief because this is a little bit of a an issue a huge issue so sam does a great job of of listening to our station and he tweets out win like today michael moore lone was on jim rome john away was on day patrick's day yeah he tweets sat out you know little at extra sports thirteen under which just it would be nice that's all i'm saying because you know people still need to know exists anyway so sam will join us coming up next segment if you'd like to interact with the program to eight six zero zero four six to eight six ought ought four six that is the tech sign if you'd like to chat today we love to chat with you especially about this so yesterday erred not yesterday last show we are discussing wha what's taken so long with john elway like this should be done deal his extension is due to become a executive free agent after this season well what he page of the gazette wrote over the weekend that the reason is because it's a big man but jamba contract that they're trying to hash out so what would he said is that he believes there is a fiveyear extension on the table that's worth thirty to thirty five million dollars total pay he would be the highest paid executive in the nfl except.

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