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Our top local story on NewsRadio W. BBM, A man was shot with a paintball gun in Streeterville. Last night. The 33 year old was on the sidewalk around 10 20 in the 400 block of East Illinois when he says he started feeling something striking him all over his body. Police say he'd been hit by several paintballs and was bruised. This is the latest in a Siri's of paintball attacks in Chicago over the past two months, Chicago's top cop sent through his first City Council budget hearing. Taking questions about staffing gun violence and taking over a police department in the midst of a pandemic. Ultimate asked police Superintendent David Brown about everything from manpower to mental health during his department stay long budget hearing. So of course, there were questions about how the new top cop would combat gun violence. Brown says Officers will keep seizing guns maybe 10,000 plus this year. And going after the shooters. It's a bit of a revolving door. Given some of the outcomes. We see some of the same characters coming right back out and illegally possessing guns, But we haven't been deterred. From that catch and release policy that apparently is happening in the courts. And Brown agrees with those who say there should be more community based antiviolence efforts. The police, he says, can't do it alone. Craig Della more news radio 105.9 FM, the governor urging small business owners to take advantage of state financial help as he moves more bars and restaurants away from Indore. Dining and drinking $94 million has been awarded to roughly 1200, small businesses and local governments across the state. Wait. It's part of the second round of business interruption, grants or big, which governor Pritzker says will help offset the financial impact of covert 19. It's an exceptionally hard time, but we hope these grants are able to keep these businesses going, Latricia Mae says. It's a much needed lifeline for her small business. L'm a creations on the West Side. The big program has allowed me to be able to continue to pay my employees. But most importantly, it's allowed me to keep my business doors open for my community. Applications are still open for the Big program and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Reports. There's still hundreds of millions of dollars left to give Rachel Pearson NewsRadio 105.9 FM Chicago Public League has indefinitely postponed basketball and wrestling because of the pandemic. This comes as the NSA announced it plans to move forward with basketball this winter. Chicago public schools says the sports will be moved to next spring or summer. CPS says competitive cheerleading and dance girls and boys bowling and boys swimming and diving are currently scheduled to move forward this winter. Because they are deemed low risk. W BBM NEWS time. Five away traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by the ex surgeon twice daily thermometer. We say good morning to both Iran Well, Good morning. Cisco this Friday morning Drive is looking pretty good for the most part across our expressways and toys. We do have one trouble spot That's in northwest Indiana, where the North bound I 65 ramp. To eastbound 80 94 is closed because of overnight road work, so the ramp is blocked until seven o'clock with his overnight work. In the meantime, they're opposed to detours may just want to accident Ridge Road had east to Hobart road. You can take that north. It turns into Ripley to get up to 80 94 eastbound and continue anyway. On the toll road or eastbound 94 towards Michigan City on the South bound side of I 65 no problems and, by the way, getting from North and 65 to westbound 80 94. You're all good. That ramp is open for you on the rest of the Indiana expressways. 80 90 for the toll road, And I 90 for Northwest Indiana, all looking pretty good on the Illinois side of the state line. No worries on the NHS or the Kennedy so far this morning. The Eisenhower's all clear the Stevenson's looking great. The Dan Ryan is a delay free 15 minutes from 95th in the downtown it back on. I 57 on the Bishop Ford. You're all good. Lake Shore Drive is problem free north and south. That's in spite of the fact that you have bridge maintenance work, taking out a couple of lanes on the bridge over the Chicago River, both north and south bound. Two lanes remain closed until later on this afternoon on the Illinois tollway system, the tristate Adam's Reagan and 3 55 are all good. Ron 53 is clear in the Northwest suburbs eighties, looking good in Joliet as well. Next traffic report 5, 18, NewsRadio, 78 and 15.

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