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Reported by training and while there are some bad ones out there i little brief story about a real bad when i know on the world is still very successful sportswriter most of the folks doing news for a living are like most of the folks doing anything for a living they're doing the best they can they're trying to do it the right way they're trying to support their families they are by nature good decent i have to believe that because i believe in the best in this country and that as far as i know certainly includes people who coverage domestic violence issues especially in sports is not easy and that's certainly includes natalie wiener appalachia report she she was one of the folks who wrote about the incident who has done her job is to make sure that these things are published she's written about greg hardy she wrote about clark she's written about domestic violence in sports is part of what she does and by the way can't pretend now it's not a real thing if you wanna way and i certainly love you hear me eight five five to one to four cbs and so what does phony rehabilitated fall i'm sorry frank clark do what does he tweeted out what does he so confident that there's no repercussions and it doesn't matter these things happen after his own alleged incident judaism fourteen wasn't response let me read it here's frank clark tweeting at the female reporter who writes about domestic violence as if the great hearty thing is made up people i don't have long careers in your fields i have a job for you cleaning my fish tank when that little job is over hey dude you know what frank lurk screw you man syria in the horse she wrote it on come on if i'm seattle and you want to pretend that you have even a shred of decency you move on from the guy i don't care the attempts last year i don't i don't care there's a defensive and he's a really good football player the moment joe mixon does something like this he's gonna man has got to be he won't be but it should be and of joe mixon really dove deserve a second chance of i'm going to be all the i have trouble.

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