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Loose should the steelers consider bringing back Antonio Antonio Brown hail no we are not running this back sorry for the nostalgia. Sorry for the redemption value here but no no no. Oh I are are really equate. This sodas a lot in high school. You got you an ace to who also is a class clown so you can't look at them anyway really like the Andrews it was business but damn so lots of work with and that guy creates an anxiety that you don't really take notice a fully into they're gone. Didn't you realize wait a minute. It's a lot less work to work with everyone else. And this close fist. That may be lesser in value in talent. Actually get more out of. Why would you now want to insert someone who certainly changed the equation in terms of value but the anxiety the issues and getting it out of them new served Yeah I'm going to consider it. Oh and it seems like he's maturing they saw. I said it when this happened to I. I don't know when it works. I said he doesn't realize how good he has been rothlisburger and he's starting to see that. Do you consider it. Of course you consider it you go to ban Dan I and say Beng UKU would have been says no okay. I'm not considering anymore but if ben is okay with it. I've talked with van. I talked with Juju because he disrespected us. You also also and if and if they're okay with it then I consider it. Is it a possibility of it happened. I'm saying he wants to play with Tom Brady so wherever every Tom Brady goes he's going to try to get there. That's the first option. But do I consider it. If I'm a steelers absolutely absolutely not absolutely absolutely not and I and I'm telling you why because of Antonio Brown this team this coach had to go through. Oh so much scrutiny. So much criticism. They had to end door this season so much to the point of where people were they in Ornstein when he ain't here let me get their own. I'm sorry even to the point where this man's job was on the line as the head coach because he did not they did not feel as though he may have control over his locker room they went through it and have gotten through it and they're probably on the other side of it because of the way the season ended and how they fight to be playoff contenders if those guys him Antonio oneal Brown lay beyond bail are the reasons why more so A. B. or the reason why we had to go through this. I'm not going to revisit that I'm not even going to entertain retain revisiting that. Look very come through it you go. The word is considered I'm not.

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