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Is working undercover at Lake Erie, and the two main fish up there that people are coaching is walleye and yellow perch. So people are coming to RT, they're selling him illegal wall eyes, illegal perch. And at one point, again, one of the bad guys accuses him of being a wildlife officer. And he's got somehow get out of it and prove that he's not. So at that time and he wore a white cowboy hat a lot, especially when it gets dressed up, which I think is very symbolic. You know, the guy with the white cowboy hats, the good guy. The good guy. But that particular day, he had a wire under his cowboy hat, okay? So he's recording this conversation. And so now he's got to put on a front that he's not the wildlife officer, so he accuses the other guy of being one. Oh, and he said, you're the wildlife. And I'll prove it. Let's strip down and we'll see who's wearing a wire who's not. So he strips down to his underwear and a party or something. There's other people watching. And he demands the other guy do the same thing. They both look at each other. They both don't see a wire and they go back to being buddies and drinking beer. The only catch is RT had the wire in his cowboy hat, which he never took off. That's a great story. That is a great story. Wow. So that's the types of things that when I talk about how he could react so quickly, very, very few people can do that. He did. An absolutely great job. That was author chip gross. He wrote the book about RT Stuart's career called poachers were my prey. Aside from cruising around in the poach coach, his four by four undercover van equipped with state of the art surveillance equipment during RT's time undercover, he was a master at thinking on his feet and appearing to keep his cool under pressure. However, just under the surface was the constant stress of being found out by the bad guys, causing RT to live in a constant state of fight or fight. Human response to stress and unusual situations is interesting to analyze because it's during these times that the veneers of our personality or any cheap socially accepted front we put on are cleared away and we see what's really inside of us. I often find myself disappointed when the outer layer of this human shaped puppet I live inside of is stripped off. Often I over calculate my abilities to respond to stress. However, when the systems are overridden and we flow on autopilot, amazing things can happen. Sometimes it's incredible. Humans have been chopping around and getting themselves into pickles for so long. I wonder if we have mechanisms at the DNA level helping us. We've all heard about humans having a 6th sense. But is that even real? I need to find out and like I've said so many times before, I'm interested in things that control us that were completely unaware of. Here's doctor Matthew sharps of the University of California Fresno. He's analyzing RT's stripping off his clothes at a party and demanding that the bad guy do the same. Doctor Sharpe is gonna talk to us about script violations. That's really brilliant. Yeah, because when you're suddenly surprised like that, you go immediately into a very high level of fight or flight. And that means a lot of the blood resources you'd have for your prefrontal cortex and part of the brain actually think the part of the brain that is involved in cognitive flexibility. Suddenly you don't have that. So what are you going to do? A lot of people suddenly start stabbing you. I'm not one, maybe you're one. I'm not one and suddenly they've had it. But that idea of shifting it into not only the rage, like my friend and the antidrug world, but into something very surprising. This year might be interested in. Human beings often have in fact pretty much on automatic. If I pick up a coffee couple I'm doing right now, it's not something that I'm thinking about. I just do it. But you have what we call a script, the automatic automated sequences of behaviors. Now if we showcase fair enough, here's a guy who is somebody who is in the other way. He has breakfast before he gets up every day. He's the richer poor. Everybody knows, he's rich as butler brings it to him, right? Well, years ago, who had breakfast before he got up today, but only today. Is he sick or well? Everybody goes sick. Now nobody's been asked those questions before, but we all know them because of the automatic scripts that we deal with in our world. So what the show did was just brilliant, okay? Because suddenly, when you're challenged like that, stripping off all your clothes and demanding that everybody else does too, that's a huge script violation of the script interruption. The turn the tables. The bad guys don't know what to do with you then. This sounds like a superpower. Being able to scramble the bad guys social scripts so they don't know what to do with you. Who knew the bad guys were such delicate social flowers? Social scripts are so deeply ingrained in us that we don't even recognize we are abide by them until someone breaks one. The script change can be so destabilizing that it reroutes the focus of the moment. You might try this in a benign situation. When someone confronts you on something, do something surprising and put a subtle question that demands a response back from them. Don't be a jerk or be deceitful, but sometimes people want something from you that you can't give them and you need a way out. It's worth a shot. Our fight or flight responses, though often not consciously calculated are usually connected back to our training, whether formal or informal. After interviewing RT and seeing how many dangerous situations he was in, I wondered if he was ever in any physical altercations. Like fistfights. So that's exactly what I asked him. RT in this next section is going to refer to an article that was written by chip gross in the mid 1990s about Ohio's new undercover wildlife department. On episode one, chip told how the bad guys showed RT the actual magazine article when he was undercover. Got him in some trouble. Here's RT. Did you ever get in a fistfight or any kind of physical altercation just in the rough life that you had to live? I realized your cover never got busted. Never got bust, but did you ever I had a couple times where they matter of fact, that letter that the article about undercover. Brought it up. Well, I am the first day I remember many. That's what my buddy said that he was a game warden. Really? Nothing,

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