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Ten WTVN. Welcome back. It is the Mark laser show along with Josh. Those of you who are not a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg, probably not going to like what he's got going on at his place of employment Facebook, and some of the people that are actually working. There are saying he has a panic shoot hidden in the floor of the main conference room. So I guess this reportedly leads directly to the parking garage. And this is the company's Menlo Park California headquarters, so supposedly this is like some JAMES BOND stuff, man. And who knows what that cost? But this guy clearly is he's he's been on making sure that he stays alive and that nobody takes him out. You know, that didn't do a whole lot of homework and somehow infiltrate. This same conference room where supposedly he has a panic shoot hidden in the floor also has bullet resistant windows and a panic button in the actual in this actual room. Also, there is rumors that he has officers posted near his desk. And they have on a regular clothes are going to blend in like software engineers or whatever milling about in. The idea is that they can get him to the shoot the panic shoot. And get him out of the office in an emergency in Facebook. Of course is declining to comment on this. And this is a guy who I it's it sounds like some guy thinks he's the president or something. I mean, president of you know, a CEO whatever Facebook. But is it seem a little silly to you. Why wouldn't you just learn karate or some he's what's he afraid of? He's a free. Reconciling Borge alien robots anyway, have you ever seen his testimony before congress? I've never seen a human being not blink before. He didn't. Blink. I wonder if also I thought about this. If he really does have a panic shoot. And he is not a blinker. In addition like you just kind of eluded to I wonder if he's actually just messed around and like come on you guys you want to go for. We go like sliding would be fun. I mean, I figure all evil henchman have an escape chute in their lair. So I'm not surprised suck does as well. Are you on that kind of level with him? Zach. I got I got several names for Zecchini sort of kind of some of the same exact two straight ahead. Ohio grants, the cannabis cannabis firm permission to produce concentrates edibles and top goes, we'll get into that. And then also yet another Maga hat from yet another student, and this one is not allowed on a school bus. We have some interesting audio from that. That's all straight ahead. This is the Mark laser show NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Because.

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