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Think during the event. Mike my prediction is. They're not even going to address. This is that the last version of windows thursday. They should they do it in a fun way. Should be funny. But i doubt they will be the next version of winning. They should bring up a clip jerry and be like remember this guy. Yeah we fired morning and jazz kidding you know and then you no of course you know just to see if he had anything to say so Tell it come on now. Really all we care about is tell us what is you know. It's it's all look is it. Nice company said it. Looks like a mac it to me. Well chrome it. Looks like chrome. Os is wrong. It may be more more to the point. It looks like windows. Ten x right. This is the windows ten x you. I brought over to big win does for lack of a better term Of course because it is big windows. It's better than when connects was. It also looks better. Just running on real hardware like You know windows next. We were running in a virtual machine and kind of flat and plain. You know if you think back to like the arrow days when it was like arrow basic was really terrible looking in flat and then they had aero glass and it was kind of awesome. I mean this is kind of like that. It's this is like the glass version. It's got some translucence going on Is is you know a better looking i. This is going to be controversial for people There's no doubt about it. There are people who are going to complain about the simplicity of the kind of dumbing down of the. They're going to be people who claim or complain about money Member hello muscle memory issues. Where all windows versions since windows ninety five i've had started over the lower left corner and then the icons kinda come out from there now. It's centered so as you run in. Close apps ooh the positions are going to change lohan points to the left tr. Move all of it. Like i'd actually like to see the start button. Stay over the left and have the icon spin the middle but Let me just make one point about the the center thing people have theorized about wide screen displays why might they do cetera. Et cetera This is the way the back has worked since two thousand one right when when apple introduced the doctor with mac. Os ten the first. One in the middle in the middle it's been there ever since and Hundreds of millions of people use that system. Every single data seems to work. Okay so i throw that out there. I know people you people freaking but like some mary. Jo i think said yes you can. There is an option in there if you want it over on the side anyway. More modern design which it is literally whether you're talking about setting it up or using it. It his windows ten so that just begs the question because mary jo was kind of thinking. Maybe it'd be more of a consumer targeted windows versus the end windows. Ten would continue as business but it sounds like maybe this is just the next version of windows. Well no no no. I don't think that changes anything that she said to be. Honest The way that this thing will be delivered or not delivered. We still don't know and it's very possible by the way there's a registry This registry entries. You can screw around with that will go back to an tent. So that tells me there's a switch that you can enable a disabled. We have new. Ui all you. I and her idea that businesses will be able to move forward for some amount of time. I went into ten. I think it's still very valid attitude. Because i think i think this is the next windows but i think they learned their lesson. I hope from windows eight and it's not just going to be like an now. We're doing this. It's going to be like we're gonna give you a run up to this right. Yeah i mean. I think it's fair to say that any consumer. Pc this assuming this comes out at the end of this year it will be Any consumer pc sold this holiday season. We'll probably come with this thing on it right in. There won't be a choice. you're not going to get like a little tile. Want the old one of the new one. I mean i. I think this is you know going to be the mainstream thing going forward but i'm one of the many lessons windows. Ten was businesses reacted very violently to a lot of this support upgrade ideas that microsoft had and this might be the final big concession. Okay we can stick with the the fact that idea. I'll sleep a switch in there. That says yeah because you i who cares and by the way that too is microsoft tradition that we kind of lost track of. And i'm not going to remember the exact version but if you think about microsoft evolve the like the start menu in windows. Xp was the first big change to the start menu but windows xp had a an optional. You go back to the traditional windows. Two thousand south start menu right And i don't remember when that stopped being the case probably will probably windows eight. You know frankly. But i don't remember Them offering you to go back to the old. Ui switchback deal. The i e. Even if it's only businesses i think is in keeping with that tradition and for a kind of a customer. Centric company like microsoft. Is maybe the right way to go mart. Very smart yes okay. I'm going to tell you the thing i've seen. I've been watching everybody running. I'm not running this bill. Because i'm not a meeting warble. Honestly you guys are all going to laugh. When i tell you party party probably already knows. I'm going to say here. My the feature that got the most excited yesterday was the new snap. Oh yeah well i saw. I actually know you happened to mention that to me separately. I do know that right. So if you hover over the maximize button instead instead of having some weird esoteric thing you have these different grid layouts of how you want to snap the windows mike. Finally i'm going to be able to use snap. This is Snap is one of several features in windows and this is not unique to windows. I think stuff like this and the mac. Ios whenever but that are just kind of not discoverable right Snap as a way to organize windows on screen. And i think a lot of people kind of understand you have two things side by side but there are other configurations you could have four windows whatever It's it's something it's possible by hitting certain on the keyboard you would stop and not know how you did it and then you're like well. I might want to do this again. How do you know. so this is like It's a little It's like a drop down window or whatever but box that you can do it. Yeah and i liked that because it makes snap discoverable. It doesn't to help you learn that keyboard shortcuts cat but now i had no idea there was one and so when i posted yesterday i love the new snap. I hope this stays the way it is. There are two different responses. I got on twitter. Was what a snap. I wanna since disease and everyone else was like your ears. Were stupid than a toddler with that was actually. You can't squad. I muted that person. And i said toddlers unite goodbye and then but but i'm like so i. I've always found it very difficult to get snapped to work on the first try and so i just stopped using it. I'm just like yeah. If i could defend you for a second microsoft's Research user research has shown that most windows users don't even know all tab exists tab existed probably windows two point. Oh i don't remember it to beat exactly but Yeah staff is a relatively new Development it only really became what it is now in like windows eight one probably exactly ban wasn't nato because remember eight. Oh snap is like a little tiny call. That was impossible. I can never ever snap on windows. Eight let me throw it. Here's a conspiracy theory for you or at least a theory. I i saw that. If you look at it let me look at it now. Say it When i look at those little thumbnails of the different configurations i see two screens..

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