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I finally caught up with large are and i say finally because friend of the show sam smith we hear is music picks at the end of the year is favorite scores of the year and he used to write features on design for the dissolve and some know that he host a podcast the poster was it's all about movie poster so great film credentials and we've been friends and friends who talk about cinema for over a decade now he couldn't believe especially after doing the press on marathon that i didn't see this film and over the years is just slip through the cracks and i don't even have a great excuse because other than knowing that the subject matter was going to be heavy what you'd expect from basan it's like eighty eight minutes yeah so i don't even have my well it's too long excuse i would agree with you that it's not the film to start with certainly it is his last film it's not as satisfying i would say as any of the films from our brisson marathon a few years ago dire the country 'price medicate pickpocket balfas are an machette satisfying of course is a complete lee inappropriate word i think to use with brisson because his films generally feature a lot of suffering and as you noted not much in the way of grace i would say maybe this film is his bleakest in terms of really having no hope or any grace yeah whatsoever argument curry made an along those lines that's why i think it is ultimately an incredibly satisfying final film it feels like the culmination of his work we see the way he di emphasizes psychology the why these things happen consistent with what we saw i think in the marathon the one exception that comes to mind for me and again there are brisson films that we haven't seen and considered but diary of a country priests features claude ledu just constantly wrestling with himself we hear is inner turmoil being express constantly but otherwise that's not something we get in films like pickpocket or amend escaped the to you reference specifically in regard to this one the other factor that's decidedly brisson is the emphasis on.

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